Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Finland: Navy is unable to confirm nature of underwater object….

Finnish Navy has dropped depth charges in a alleged ’submarine' alert  however the Navy is unable to confirm nature of underwater object….An unidentified object was spotted on Monday within Finnish territorial waters. It was detected again early on Tuesday, the navy said.The incident comes amid growing concern in the region over Russia's military exercises.

Finnish Navy

Swedish Navy

In October last year (2014) Sweden launched a hunt for a foreign submarine suspected to have entered waters near Stockholm.  However once again nothing was found or seen except the image here below...

Finnish Navy operations chief Commodore Olavi Jantunen told Helsingin Sanomat newspaper 
that the depth charges, dropped at 03:00 on Tuesday (midnight GMT), were meant only as 
a warning.  "The bombs are not intended to damage the target, the purpose is to let the target 
know that it has been noticed,"

Defence Minister Carl Haglund said the object seen in the Baltic Sea this week could have been a submarine."We strongly suspect that there has been underwater activity that does not belong there. 
Of course it is always serious if our territorial waters have been violated," he told Finnish news agency STT.

Commodore Jantunen was more cautious, telling Finnish public broadcaster YLE only that the sightings involved a "possible underwater object". Finland has by some media become increasingly worried about the military exercises of neighbouring Russia. The two countries share a 1,300km (800 mile) border.
But the defence minister could not even say whether he thought Russia was involved.

Today however Navy chief of staff Admiral Juha Vauhkonen said that it’s not yet possible to say whether or not the underwater object detected in waters near Helsinki was a submarine. Speaking during a news conference Tuesday evening, Vauhkonen said that if the object does turn out to be a sub that violated Finnish territorial waters, the matter will be investigated by the Finnish Border Guard.
Navy chief of staff Admiral Juha Vauhkonen said that it is not possible to say with any certainty whether or not the underwater object detected in the Gulf of Finland on Monday was a submarine. 
The Admiral described the sighting as a category four case, meaning either a possible submarine or other underwater activity. “An analysis of the date about the case will be available only within days, perhaps even weeks,” he said.

Navy chief of staff Admiral Juha Vauhkonen the event that the object is found to be a submarine that violated Finnish waters, the matter would then be investigated by the Finnish Border Guard. He did not want to speculate on whether or not there were any similarities with a search for a submarine in the Stockholm archipelago by Swedish officials. Which in it self is a joke as no sub was ever found in the 70s until the pledged recent events last year. Either the Swedish are damn bad a developing marine technology or there has been no subs.
The choices are only two.

“Similar cases or situations have not occurred often. The last similar case in the Gulf of Finland dates back to 2004 and at the time we were forced to use warning depth charges on two separate occasions,” Vauhkonen noted. And with Finland being a Tech hub of global calibre it'd hard to imagine that the Finnish navy would be so poor as not being able to develop in 12 years.
Who cares about speculations ? Only the media who manage to sell any swan or seabird as a invasion
are happy when they hear this kind of news.  Quite frankly there must have been many intrusions in the Finnish and Swedish waters in the past but but as nothing has been proven.

The first indication of the presence of the "alleged" underwater object came at 11.00 Monday morning and the second was made in the wee hours of Tuesday morning at 1.30 am.  A warning was given to the object at 3.00 am, Vauhkonen said. He did not disclose the size of the object or the depth at which it was detected.

The admiral said that the navy’s fixed surveillance network received a sound marking near Helsinki, which in turn led the operations centre to step up its underwater surveillance.  The Navy also said that it issued an order to a territorial integrity vessel (AKT1) to deploy in the area where the sonar reading was detected. “At the same time we sent out a request for coast guard boats in the Gulf of Finland to support the operation,” he added.  The vessels arrived at the location of the object Monday afternoon around 2.30 to monitor the area. Later on in the afternoon a decision was made to also deploy an AKT2 vessel that was in port at the time.

The Navy said that the next sonar reading was detected at 1.30 Tuesday morning and continued readings were detected at 1.5-hour intervals.  By this time the Navy had deployed the missile boat Hanko, the minelayer Uusimaa and the coast guard vessel Turva in the area. At around 03.00 am the captain of the Uusimaa decided to detonate a warning charge using low-impact depth charges.

Navy chief of staff Admiral Juha Vauhkonen that low-impact depth charges are used when there is sufficient evidence that there may be a submarine or other underwater activity in the area.
He concluded that the navy will continue to monitor the area using its fixed surveillance system. 

At last but not least after all the unnecessary media hype...
 Finns have started to joke about the entire matter and naturally social  media is full of local people claiming to have spotting sights like the one here ...