Wednesday, 22 April 2015

France: Police arrest Islamist terrorist first after he shoot´s him self in the leg ..

An Islamist extremist named Sid Ahmed Ghlam was arrested in France on Wednesday charged with murdering a fitness instructor and planning to carry out a terror attack on at least one Paris church later the same day. The 24-year-old French-Algerian’s plans were exposed purely by chance on Sunday morning after he called an ambulance over a bullet injury to his leg. The man, named by French press as Sid Ahmed Ghlam, said he had been involved in “a settling of scores”. 

But when police traced the blood back to his car, they found a large arsenal of loaded guns including an AK-47, multiple phones and documents that appeared to show information on potential targets, they found detailed plans to attack a Sunday morning congregation French prosecutors said. At the suspect's apartment, police found more weapons and documents that prosecutors said gave clear indications he was planning an attack.

French interior minister, gave a press conference on Wednesday telling the media that Ghlam was responsible for the murder of Aurélie Châtelain a 33-year-old fitness instructor, who was found in her car on Sunday morning, having been shot three times in the shoulder.  Aurélie Châtelain is a mother to a five-year-old daughter, she was in Paris to attend a pilates class, and was described by her family in Caudry, 50 miles south of Lille, as “a ray of sunshine”…..

The connection: 
DNA at the scene connected Ghlam to Miss Châtelain, said French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

Really ?
The authorities have carried out security checks on the suspect twice in recent years but did not uncover anything to justify further investigation……
There was no immediate evidence the suspect had links to organised groups, a French security official told AP. However In the man’s apartment, in southeastern Paris, more weapons were found as well as material linked to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, al-Qaeda and other Islamist extremists.

And even more links…
On Wednesday morning, just before Mr Cazeneuve spoke, Ghlam’s sister was arrested in the town of Saint-Dizier, near Nancy.  She was living in a tough district of the town, and French media said she too was a “known radical”.  If she was a known radical how comes that no red flags where given as the authorities carried out the security checks on Ghlam? On top of all twice!  Ghlam’s girlfriend has also been held for questioning…

The question from where proves that immigration from Islamic areas or states 
needs to be strictly regulated  within EU.
Ghlam had moved to France in 2009, to join his family.  Aren’t we surprised as to hear that “only” his sister is known to be a radical? After all the family and its surrounding is usually where a girl and boy learns moral, be it love for others in the name of a god or hate and wishes to kill in another gods name. It all starts at home.  Media describes Ghlam as a computer science student,and that  he was placed on the “S” list, meaning “Sûreté de l’État”, state security list in 2014, said French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve….

Really ?
The authorities have carried out security checks on the suspect twice in recent years but did not uncover anything to justify further investigation…  There was no immediate evidence the suspect had links to organised groups, a French security official told AP. However if that's as accurate as the two terror investigations the French security had allegedly done, then its no wonder things are what they are in France right now.

Fact: Terrorists come and go in EU because the nonsense talking European parliament cant even suggest that all who leave should be denied return as that would be the only safety mechanism that can work against so called ping - pong reaction by already accustomed war trained Islamist who many times have killed children. (see link below)

Secure in France really ?
France claim to have stepped up security in the wake of recent attacks on the Charlie Hebdo offices and a Jewish supermarket. However amongst Jews in France most consider to move or have friends who wish to move away out of fears of Islamist attacks and daily racist neo-nazi comments like the one recently taken up in he media recently given by Marie le Pens father who is known for saying that the Gas Chambers where just a minor detail in history....

Fact: EU would never be so indecisive if this was a tax matter.
The man was known to security services as having expressed a wish to travel to Syria. France has a large Muslim population and Hundreds of French Muslim citizens have travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight alongside militants, with many at home with links to recruitment cells. While BBC and other media reported on this today no one seems to recall the many attacks that started "end of last year" and continued on almost a weekly basis until 2 month ago. 

Security services from all over Europe are in a limbo and even in the  North of EU like Finland they had to close one event initiated by the Parliament on the advice by the newly formed anti terror unit by the secret police SUPO. 
Reason: Cartoonist Vilks was suppose to take part. Such actions of weakness like the one by SUPO will only translate towards more interest by Islamists all specialists we know agree upon.
In other words, if police cant even try to protect an event and bend before anything has happened then the place is becoming a ultimate place for any radical group who wishes to establish it self. 

In France the political power by Muslims is big and halt any decent dialog a the wast masses Muslims in France can vote, and hence any insult towards them would cost any politician votes that cant be lost. In other words safety for sale against votes.

Absurd Prime Minister comment 
"Terrorists are targeting France to divide us," French Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned on Wednesday.  SDR thinks that this is at best a delusional comment by anyone handling public safety, and even worse, it being told the French PM to the media. How can anyone leave out the most important words on this matter namely: Killer with intent to be a Islamist terrorist. This should be corrected if the PM wants votes by the common man. Fact is that the tendency is growing towards transparency, as its the only cure against any sort of evil be it Islamist or something else.
Solutions, are "in" and lip service hiding any real truth are, "out".

Written by MH for SDR.