Thursday, 16 April 2015

Freedom in Turkey is like like electricity in a cave in Kandahar....

.....namely non-existent


Turkeys election did show us all that Turks feel utterly Islamic and support Erdogan’s “back to Islam urge”and now that they get it the way to is in 99% of the Islamic nations have it.  Fact is not one Islamic nation has free press and a freedom of speech or for religious or gender equality.
Men are according to Erdogan superior to women …Muslim men feel so much superior to Christians and Jews etc that they just cant get off the subject …
Today we all Christians can finally laugh about the superiors going to jail by their own leader thinking he is Super superior …Who know maybe one day there will be the Superior-Supreme super-superior telling Erdogan whet to do. But for that we need a divine intervention or new elections.

BBC reports that over 230 people have been investigated, with 105 indicted, for insulting the Turkish president in seven months, sparking complaints over freedom of speech restrictions. The law has been in place for some time but was rarely applied in the past. BBC ends the story with the words:  Turkish people are now questioning the validity of the rule. 
Really they do ? 
Its a few who do the rest did exactly know what they voted for! His sentiments have hardly been hidden. Turks have voted for him and know exactly he shelters the leaders of HAMAS and Egyptian Brotherhood in Turkey and maybe some ISIS supporters too as there has been reports about them walking over the border to get health care or smuggle volunteers openly via Turkey to fight for ISIS. Does this sound like a western democratic nation?

The only disturbing thing here is that BBC pretends like Turkey would be a western nation with equal rights and democracy when its even against the law and considered UN-TURKISH to change from Muslim to Christian religion! Christians still cant hold official positions be it army police  etc….

This video from 2010 is still a valid source of realism in Turkey today

See the video here and ask your self is BBC trying to intentionally “de-dramatise  the Turkish realism” as something close to our western anything.  Westerners don’t just dump opposition in a jail, and westerners don’t deny gender equality or the right to practice any faith under same conditions.  BBC should go to Turkey and ask and see how many Christian Churches have been given construction right since Erdogan started his revers democracy process. 

It doesn't cost to hope for the youth of Turkey to want to develop a secular society with same rights for all, and with a less corrupt ruling mechanism. But until that day Turkeys realism remains that what it is today.