Wednesday, 8 April 2015

India: New submarine enters water

The first Scorpene submarine built at a shipyard in India's western city of Mumbai for the Indian navy has been lowered into the water for sea trials. If it was any other country it would have been a step forward  but in the case of India we have to realistically set a limit on what to take as a realistic step forward. Fact is that almost any Indian will choose foreign high tech of any sort from locally made. The why is obvious. The words so called cheapest car produced in India by Ta Ta had only 3 screws to each wheel.....

BBC writes:The vehicle is one of the six French-designed diesel-powered submarines being built at the dockyard.Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said one Scorpene submarine "will be delivered every nine months" and all will be inducted into the navy by 2018.
The submarines are part of moves aimed at modernising India's armed forces.

FACTS AT HAND: India's navy has 13 ageing submarines powered by diesel and electricity, and only half of them are operational at any given time because of maintenance work.

SCARY BEYOND WORDS: India is also building a new class of nuclear-powered boats intended to carry nuclear-armed ballistic missiles.

POLITICAL SHOW: BBC writes also that India's naval build-up has been gaining pace in recent years,

widening maritime horizons and a response to the potential threat posed by the Chinese navy's expansion.
China?  Really INDIA ? Fact is that any armed anything by India compared to Chinese ability of producing export quality goods is non - existent. India is still not able to produce stable energy to its factories and that
can be seen as almost no Indian delivery is kept within agreed time limit. Be it small or big all the same there is always a Indian tail to be told instead of just delivery. This might have worked pre Industrial times but in today's world when man power is less important than quality India starts to stay behind as it schooled millions in hope of building up India but left any parallel required infrastructural changes to destiny....
This has created a massive storm of Indian professionals all trying to find work where they get a future and that is abroad. That worked until about 10 years ago. Now however India is stuck with a growing amount of unemployed highly schooled IT or Academic professionals that is growing by the day.


Only 2 years ago August 2013 a Indian submarine explodes in Mumbai port

An Indian naval submarine armed with missiles and torpedoes exploded in Mumbai port early on Wednesday and sank, sending fireballs into the night sky over the country’s commercial capital and killing up to 18 sailors trapped on board.

The navy immediately ordered an inquiry into the disaster on the INS Sindhurakshak, one of a fleet of diesel-powered Kilo-class submarines bought from Russia. A second submarine nearby caught alight, according to a fire officer, although the extent of the damage was not immediately known.

If the blast was an accident, as suggested by the navy, the explosion would revive concerns about the reliability and safety of India’s military equipment and its maintenance procedures as it seeks to modernise its armed forces and compete with China in the Asia-Pacific region.

The submarine that exploded had returned only months earlier from a refit in Russia costing at least $80m, which included equipping the vessel with cruise missiles.

“I feel sad about those navy personnel who lost their lives in the service of their country,” said AK Antony, defence minister, as rescue workers searched for survivors.

“There was a huge fire in one sub which was at the docks,” said PS Rahandale, a deputy chief fire officer and an eye witness to the blast.
 “There was a second sub about 10 or 15 feet away from it also on fire. But it was just started when we got there. Immediately, we started dousing it off and had a sort of water curtain to save another submarine. It took about three-and-a-half hours to get the whole situation under control.”

Mohana Chandran, secretary of Mumbai Port Trust, said the city’s big commercial port next to the naval harbour was unaffected, but the explosion sparked fears of a terrorist attack.

“There was an explosion and then five minutes later another explosion and it looked like fireworks,” said Vandana Kripalani, who was on the rooftop of her seafront apartment near the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, a main target in the 2008 terrorist attacks. “At first I thought it was a bomb. It happened at sharp twelve, which is why we were freaked out.”

Indian military officers often complain about the ageing Russian equipment on which the armed forces continue to rely.

One example: 2013, Sanjeet Singh Kaila, a serving air force pilot injured in a crash, petitioned the Delhi High Court to scrap the MiG-21 jets that are the most numerous aircraft in the fleet, arguing that they violated his right to work in a safe environment. 

Of the 946 acquired MIG´s in the past 50 years, 485 have crashed, killing 131 pilots, according to television channel CNN-IBN.

AT LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Many other nations have Russian equipments including MIG-21 Jets but it doesn't take any detached observer more than a few hours in India to determine why things maintained in India don't last ! Its not what they have that's bad its usually take care and maintain matters  that is the core problem.