Monday, 20 April 2015

Iranian public slow torture killings wrongly reported as hanging in the west

Its time too take up a very disturbing matter that we have time and time again asked to address but western media refuses to correct, The correct name would be public torture or public slow strangulation but never ever should it be called hanging.

In the west a execution by hanging happens so that a the person executed dies instantly by a long fall and a broken neck.  To us here at SDR this too is not a very humane way humane way to kill someone.

However one o f the worst lies denied any reporting or protest is the actual public slow strangulation called hanging in Iran.  No nation has publicly denied this while they have managed to curb public stoning!

We will now show you pictures here of men and women who have been  restrained and then slowly lifted up by the neck more than often in a public display.  SDR thinks it is  a terrible and inhuman PUBLIC State sectioned  sadistic suffering in front of indiscriminate ages of viewers including young children. Neither the media of the political leadership in the West reports about this.
Dear reader is there nothing UN and our that the politicians and western media stops should do instead of sweeping things under the carpet, at in the name of politically correct?
To us at SDR politically correct would be to tell the billions of people around the world the truth, nothing else.

The following pictures answer them self's if you ask how did the hanged person get up there ?¨
(this in it self an answer that you and not your have discovered before anything was reported or said by your government )

The following is the exact text as reported by Wikipedia on the subject.we have just highlighted the text that is the most important 
and wish to add that we at SDR have never heard or seen any organisation or media publicly denounce this

Hanging is the only common method of execution in 21st-century Iran, usually carried out in prison.
Compared to other countries that use hanging (such as Japan or Malaysia) with a complex gallows designed to drop the condemned and break the neck, Iran's gallows are very simple and inexpensive. They consist only of a frame and a stool, with some stools able to hold up to seven people at a time and having wheels. Public executions are usually carried out by a mobile crane. Sometimes the criminal is suspended from the crane, but more often the crane is used as a gallows and the person is pulled off of a stool. Iranian nooses are thick, with 7–10 knotted coils, and are often made of blue plastic rope with little to no drop. 

Death is caused by strangulation and carotid reflex (where blood vessels to the head are cut off), taking 10–20 minutes. 

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