Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Where is the embargo now when the west needs it ?

Just as US negotiate with Iran about nuclear power "that they naturally" want for peaceful use ...The US and EU have not tested the sincerity about its peaceful intents by asking them to recognize Israel as a nation first! 

Strategically this would have been the most logical "reality check" that the US could ever do. 
However it was replaced by blind faith that has until now only brought bad surprise and explanations worthy of thousand and one night.

Just to make thinks worse for all and everyone the Iranians have now managed to open up the gates for its previously stopped defence system that would intercept almost anything that might come from where we wonder ? Obvious its US or Israel that they intend to shield against, but also neighbours like Saudi Arabia who naturally will insist on the same rights as Iran if they get nuclear power.

Here is what the Russian S-300 looks like .

Russian president gave the go-ahead after Tehran struck an interim deal with world powers to curb nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief.
Despite the sanctions, Russia and Iran have remained close allies.

The contract to deliver the system was heavily criticised by Israel and the US, who feared it could be used to protect Iranian nuclear sites. 
When it was cancelled, Iran filed a lawsuit seeking billions of dollars in damages. 
Outcome: Moscow said it had no choice but to annul the deal when the UN imposed sanctions, outlawing the sale of advanced weapons.

The Russian defence ministry said it was ready to supply the S-300 equipment "promptly", an official there said, quoted by Interfax news agency.

Russia was one of six major world powers to reach an outline agreement with Iran over its nuclear programme. 

The sides have set a 30 June deadline to reach a comprehensive deal.

Tough negotiations lie ahead, in particular on how and when to lift sanctions.
Meanwhile, US Secretary of State John Kerry is due to brief Congress, as the Obama administration attempts to persuade opponents not to block the deal's implementation...

He said they should "hold their fire" until they see a final agreement.

Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has cautioned against seeing the interim agreement as a guarantee of a final deal. In other words Iran has decided it can eat the cake and save as well unless Kerry realises he´s foreign policy is not one big path but that of many a micro cosmos that is impossible to support for US foreign policy supporting nations.