Saturday, 18 April 2015

Really ? The end of Swedish foreign aid in the name of deluxe immigrants

It is often said that politics is the art of setting priorities and allocating common resources. Since the tax coffer is no bottomless well, it is the politician’s duty to ascertain that resources, including foreign aid, are distributed to benefit the maximum amount of people. In Sweden, the politicians are working in the other direction writes Sweden Report.

Sweden prides itself on being a “Humanitarian Superpower” and has provided generous aid to third world countries for decades. But now that the immigration floodgates have been opened, the skyrocketing cost of harbouring hundreds of thousands of new arrivals within Sweden’s borders are forcing the government to divert money from the actual foreign aid. 
While the specifics are yet to be determined, the government estimates that a fifth of the foreign aid money will now go to offset the domestic costs
Not surprisingly, several foreign aid organisations are protesting loudly about getting de-funded. But hey, it’s the same money being spent, so what’s the big deal if it goes here or there?

Simply put, it’s a matter of how much return you’re getting for your buck. 
Some foreign aid initiatives are long-term projects for combating poverty (the source of most ills in the developing world,) which may prevent the humanitarian disaster of tomorrow by allowing those countries to build the infrastructure to handle the next drought or similar crisis on their own. Water purification and vaccination programs for kids are also common.

But perhaps the most urgent and tangible part of foreign aid are the vast amounts of people huddled in miserable refugee camps surrounding the Syria/Iraq war zone writes Sweden Report…
While the exact per-person costs vary between locations and aid organisations, it usually only costs a few dollars per day to keep these vulnerable people alive and somewhat sheltered. 
Clean water, a tent, food packets, emergency medical care. Basic stuff. But life-and-death nonetheless for the poor bastards sitting there in the desert with only their clothes on their backs.

But none of this is a priority 
to Swedish politicians. 

Let´s just look realistically what a dollar or Euro can do to the face of a child who is hungering far beyond Swedish care.
Fact is Sweden politicians should be ashamed to ignore the existence of hunger of real kids who have no funds to pay to human traffickers.
AS long as Sweden ignores this as long the Human trafficking will be a lucrative illegal busyness that we the tax payers pay for in the end.

In fact, there are no second thoughts about literally taking billions away from these people, and instead maintaining the insanely expensive immigration program for those who had the means to bribe their way through 6-7 countries only to end up in the tiny Nordic country a full continent away.  

Swedish asylum system is being abused, and the massive costs for sustaining these brazen frauds by the common tax payer.

One category that stands put all by it self is that ongoing fraud regarding “unaccompanied child refugees” to Sweden.
These  “unaccompanied child refugees” are a special category of refugees with much higher chance of getting asylum. 
Since they’re minors, they also get much higher class housing with 24/7 assistants waiting on them. 
Naturally, the cost for this category is considerably higher than regular asylum seekers. 

The normal cost is between (3000 and 6000 SEK) $350-700 per day per child, but in some circumstances it can skyrocket upwards (15 000 SEK) $1750 per day. 
But these are kids we’re talking about, right? 
Like these:

Who could possibly argue against taking in these helpless small children like these? 

Well well well ... little do we know but ...

There are a few problems here primarily almost nobody has ID upon arrival, so nobody really has any idea who the person really is or how old he (usually a male) really is. And unlike the other Nordic countries, Sweden stubbornly refuses to age-test. So anyone hoping to get fast-tracked to a granted visa can claim to be a minor, and due to fear of being called a racist, nobody calls them on it. The results are sometimes downright comical.

Here is a 14-year old little boy running at a school in Kristianstad. 
reporter is just marveling over how fast he is!

More helpless little children with 
Sweden’s Prime Minister (second from right) 
visiting the home of  refugee children. 
Quite frankly do they look like kids or TEENS?

The examples are never ending ...

The other Nordic countries also saw the rise in “children” , and did the sensible thing: 
had their doctors run a simple age test by measuring bones and/or checking teeth. 
In Denmark, 3 out of 4 “children” arriving the first months of 2012 turned out to be adults
Norway got the same results; 3 out of 4
Neighbouring Finland “only” turned out to have 65% frauds, but still was shaken by the news having a 29-year old posing as a minor

As a result, there has since been a sharp decrease in “children” arriving to the other Nordic countries with only Sweden, stubbornly refusing to age-test, while observing a continued rise. 

The graph below is somewhat outdated; it only shows asylum seeking lone arriving children Sweden up until 2013.  The predictions for 2015-6 are estimated far over 6000. 

Economy up the chimney or parabolic antenna instead of becoming food on a plate.

Lets not forget that each refugee who is learning the local language and sent to courses and helped with things refugees could never imagine winter cloths paid free rent health care, schooling, dental care, psychotherapy and naturally a satellite dish so they don’t miss home. This and much more is given locally while the same funding could be feeding thousands that keeps up only one.
and these are the ones truly needing the help and who are the true victims because of Sweden's love towards certain victims only. To many the Swedish selectiveness by taking in people who can afford to travel is nothing less than the selections done in the concentration camps during the 3rd Reich.

Sadly the true victims in need of food always look the same ...

Here two pictures on how one dollar can help to give children hope and a full belly locally !

This is horrible hunger in the eyes!

Here the happy faces after a plate of beans and rice

SDR thinks that Better a dollar in the stomach of a hungering child than millions of Euros or dollars for some refugees who need 4 seasons clothing, schooling, rental home for free and a salary  for learning Swedish ...
One doesn't need to be the least logical here to see how Sweden is encouraging human trafficking and how it  encourages the ongoing massive refugee storm fleeing for EU at a alarming rate.

The only cure against this massive exodus is to help the people where they are at home instantly!
How can the smiles of the kids here with one plate of beans and rice make such sense to me while Sweden's support for the corrupt and not so needy doesn't?

(Source: The Sweden Report mainly plus SSB, HS, Wall Street Journal and many more… )