Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Turkeys latest news: Close newspapers and social media

Again a Turkish court has ordered blocks on Twitter and YouTube. The simple reason is to try to stop the sharing photos of a hostage taken during an armed siege last week. Are we surprised about the brutish method? SDR thinks no ones will or is suppressed about Turkey acting upon a problem rather like any Islamic nation withholding its citizens. Most Islamic nations have strict media censorship. But not one western nation we know of.  

Maybe the west is to open towards media ? Yes at times it actually is very true and the location of the Victims at the Paris hostage crises by the Islamist is a good example on when press published the locations of people hiding nearby the hostage takers without even a minutes thought that the terrorists also watch TV and follow media. 
The media in the recent decades have been known to even help to create deadly news . The firs such story in the west was the hunting of Britain's princess Diana.
Many other media today are being used in a deadly purpose to spread fear and terror and that's called terrorism. Quite frankly no one in the west does nothing about the fact that close up pictures by ISIS killers are as easier to get by for a kid than to get a 10 Euro or Dollar from his mom.
The Muhammad cartoons cant be found anywhere easy but ISIS killing chopping and bring people alive is sadly all to easy to find for our young ones.
Where does reporting start and where does it end ?

Where goes the line between safety of a victim and urgency to report or influence politically ?
These are not easy questions and touch nations where the Press is free. 

This entire hostage situation was born out of recent demonstrations where a young boy age 14 was killed by security forces. SDR got this fact directly from Turkey.
The media blocks where imposed because images of a deadly siege were being shared via the social networks.
This is how the story goes.....

The Turkish prosecutor and two gunmen who took him hostage have been killed after a shootout at a courthouse in Istanbul.
But what happened and whats behind this ?

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the attackers had posed as lawyers to enter the courthouse.
According to media Gunshots were heard and smoke was seen rising from the scene after special forces stormed the building. Mehmet Selim Kiraz was apparently taken hostage because he had headed an inquiry into the death of a boy during anti-government protests in 2013.
The gunmen had released dramatic images of a gun being held to the head of Mehmet Selim Kiraz as the hostage crisis unfolded. The Turkish government banned live TV coverage of the incident, citing security concerns.

Sukriye Erdena lawyer negotiating with the hostage takers, told the BBC that they had demanded that the police announce the names of four members of the security services who they said were connected to the death of the boy, Berkin Elvan.
Elvan, who was then 14, was struck in the head by a police tear gas canister in June 2013 as he went to buy bread during mass demonstrations that began in Istanbul and spread across Turkey.

Elvan´s funeral was not a small event 

Elvan later died in an Istanbul hospital last year, after spending nine months in a coma. Which explains
why the attack took place first now.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, now Turkey's president, inflamed passions shortly after the teenager's death when he said the boy had been carrying a slingshot and had been "taken up into terrorist organisations".
Recep Tayyip Erdogan, now Turkey's president, inflamed passions shortly after the teenager's death when he said the boy had been carrying a slingshot and had been "taken up into terrorist organisations".
However the teenager's death last March sparked disturbances across Turkey that broke out into clashes between citizens not happy with such answer and the police
The protests died out but this ended this week with suspected members of the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front taking the prosecutor hostage on the sixth floor of the Caglayan court house.
There will be questions over how two of the group's members managed to breach security at Istanbul's main courthouse.

Lets think a little and what makes us at SDR uneasy is that no media can serve us this news in a simple chronological order so that someone understands the simplicity in this.

Why you might ask.

Well the reason why the attack took place was reported as a attack out of the sky but looking at Turkey where there was a fist fight even in Parliament recently this should
and could have been awaited. After all the normal people where following the condition of the boy via media with greatest interest for over 9 month !
Such an interest in a publicly burning issue cant be marginalised especially not after all the protests and scandals that Turkeys Erdogan Pasha has caused.

Fact is that its more a point of view who is in close ties with terrorists or politically questionable persons at best. Erdogan in his strive for a pure Islamic society has spoken out against women's role (or no role) and more while holding court and giving safe haven to political bad guys like Egypt’s Islamic Brotherhood that almost managed to ruin Egypt during its short rule. Let’s not forget what a leading  candidate said at their election to the people of Egypt and that was that the capital will become Jerusalem.
That's not a hidden threat and not many steps away from all the other evil we have heard that Muslims wish to do to Jews be they Israeli soldiers or kids indiscriminately.

Then we have best friends of Erdogan and that's naturally the Hamas leadership that let stay in Turkey while they leave their people to face all the hardships they are not while naturally spending quite a bundle on arms that also doesn’t feed or create work for the Palestinian people under their rule. 
Turkey has made many donations to Hamas areas like the so called Hamas-police. 

Erdogan Pasha is nothing but a substitute of what once Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein where to any western hating Muslim in the past.
Fact is that ISIS recruits are getting into Syria via Turkey without to much problem and for that we don’t need a confirmation as its reported and shown on YouTube and media all the time…..

What worries SDR is that: US and EU let this "bad boy" grow so hostile towards west and in the same time act as a catalysator, for many sort of Islamists while being a US partner on terror and a NATO member.

SDR has nothing against Turkish people but they get what they vote for and no change will take place unless the young generation claims their space in the society.
And maybe that's what we see now as the DHKP-C group did this out of hope to get more support against the rulers in charge now.  That's very possible as anyone doing this sort of attack has no win-win situation in sight or mind as its not a secret that Erdogan's police would not let the kidnapper alive out of this.
Especially after seeing the reason that ignited this drama. The death of a 14 year old boy!

OK who are the alleged Communist bad guys?
DHKP has a bad reputation but no less that the Ultra nationalist Turks we have heard of in the past, and as Turkey is pretty much a well oiled Islamic nation any resistance usually have been blamed on Kurds.

Any communists out there still ? Surprisingly yes it seems so.

Facts on DHKP-C 

The Revolutionary People's Liberation Party–Front,  is a Marxist-Leninist party in Turkey. It was founded in 1978 as Revolutionary Left , and was renamed in 1994 after factional infighting. Having carried out a number of assassinations and suicide bombings, it is considered a terrorist group by Turkey, the United States, and the European Union.  Recent history sounds like directly out if a James Bond movie.
The group's Istanbul commander, Asuman Akça, was arrested in 2008 on the grounds that she was planning to assassinate Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. She was tried, but the court failed to reach a verdict and since she had been held in custody for four years, she was released in 2012, pending another trial. Then Akça told the media that she would reveal links between DHKP/C and the Ergenekon organization. Shortly afterwards, she was shot in the head. Her would-be assassin, who has been described as a member of the PKK as well as the DHKP/C and MLKP, told police he had orders from DHKP/C to assassinate Akça because of her plans to reveal the group's links with Ergenekon. Other links with Ergenekon include the discovery in December 2010 of matching bomb-related serial numbers in operations against DHKP/C and against Ergenekon. The list goes on until present day and we recommend that you take a good look at the Wikipedia link below as its a long tail on armed conflicts.

The prosecutor at the centre of the siege, Mehmet Selim Kiraz, was apparently taken hostage because he headed an investigation into the death of a boy during anti-government protests that took place in 2013.
The same pictures showing attackers holding a gun to Mr Kiraz's head were also being widely shared on social media, leading authorities to act, reported Turkish newspaper Hurriyet. 

In total, 166 websites which shared the images were blocked by the court order. YouTube published the text of the court ruling on its website saying an "administration measure" had been enacted by Turkey's telecoms authority.

Facebook was also subject to the same block but it is believed the restrictions on it have been lifted after it removed the images.  Many Turkish people reported via social media that they were having problems accessing the sites and many others.  This is not the first time that Turkish authorities have imposed blocks on social media sites and networks. 
In the run-up to local elections in March 2014 blocks were imposed after recordings circulated allegedly revealing corruption among senior officials.

Figures provided by Twitter revealed that Turkey filed more requests to remove content from the social network than any other nation between July and December 2014. (see link below)

Who are the men involved?

Further details about the killers of Turkish prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz, who was shot dead during a hostage situation in an Istanbul courthouse on March 31, have begun to emerge.

The brothers of the captor Şafak Yayla were previously caught by police in operations against the outlawed far-left group Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C).

Mehmet Yayla, a brother of Şafak Yayla, was wanted by the police on suspicion of involvement in the attacks against the Justice Ministry and the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) headquarters in the capital Ankara on March 19, 2013. He was caught while entering Turkey on a raft full of ammunition off the Aegean coast on July 30, 2013. A Greek court sentenced him to seven years in prison. He is expected to be released within 1.5 years.

Meanwhile Bulut Yayla, another brother of Şafak Yayla who is responsible for the formation of the DHKP-C’s youth group, was caught by security forces while entering the country from the northwestern province of Edirne in 2013.

The Interior Ministry announced that Bulut Yayla was the fugitive of a simultaneous operation in 11 provinces between May 8 and 9, 2012, adding that Yayla received training in Europe and entered Turkey illegally to conduct attacks on security forces and foreign representative offices. The ministry also announced that he was arrested on June 3, despite claims that he was caught in a Turkish-Greek joint operation in Athens and extradited to Turkey.

The United States Department of State had also placed Bulut Yayla on the Foreign Terrorist Organizations List in the aftermath of the U.S. Embassy attack in Ankara on Feb. 1, 2013.

Conclusion: The group is a very dangerous anti US and capitalist armed underground organisation that constitute actual danger to the US or any western nation. 

Nothing indicates that this group would kidnap any westerners. Risks for Western Christian civilians to be hurt or kidnapped by Islamists is more of  a danger. Especially since Turkey has become the unofficial Gate keeper for ISIS or Daesh as it´s also called.

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