Sunday, 10 May 2015

All evil is equal all over the world

The following pictures will prove that not only one people or religion is evil but that evil exists every where on this planet. Everyones near and dear deserve respect regardless of race or religion.

A Jewish cemetery left for cheap as grassland in Turkey...

Turkey - Ninety Tombs Desecrated In Historical Orthodox Christian Cemetery

Malaysia: Christian graves and Surau in Kampung Tunku vandalized

Jewish vandals smash tombstones in Jerusalem Christian cemetery

Hong Kong (AsiaNews) - Almost 60 graves were desecrated at Catholic cemetery

Jerusalem sites sprayed with anti-Christian graffiti

Vandals desecrate Muslim graves in Jerusalem

A Christian cemetery smeared by Muslims in the UK..

 Palestine. Muslim rampage against Christian graves...

Palestinian Muslims went on a rampage Sunday and desecrated 70 Christian graves 
two weeks after the pope praised efforts for a new PA state

Vandals desecrate Muslim cemetery in Paris

Bosnian graves vandalised in Washington

Most Australia graves in Libya cemetery vandalised

Jewish cemetery in Poland vandalized

Ukraine: Cemetery vandalized with Swastikas and "Death to the Jews"

The desecration of a Jewish cemetery in New Brunswick US

Some of the 148 vandalized gravestones are seen in a Muslim cemetery by Nazis in Ablain-Saint-Nazaire, France.

Syria Church- Vandalized

Jewish settlers allegedly vandalized more than 15 gravestones in the Christian cemetery on 
Mount Zion, in the Old City of Jerusalem

Jewish cemetery in Hungary vandalized