Thursday, 28 May 2015

EU asks EU-states to accept 40,000 illegal Muslim asylum seekers instead of feeding the truly needy

This child gets nothing to eat or medicine from EU while the ones above should get a free ride to comfort... Can EU perception really be this twisted ?

The European Commission has called on EU member states to take in 40,000 asylum seekers from Syria and Eritrea who land in Italy and Greece over the next two years.  But ignores that the ones in urgent need cant pay traffickers! Sad fact is that one migrant living in EU on social benefits with free housing and need of expensive schooling to learn language, clothing food etc could actually at the same cost feed thousands of kids in Africa. Because that's where the labour and living costs are low. SDR thinks its pretty sick of EU to pay the ones who brake the law and leave the worst suffering children to die ...
This is what EU thinks:
Germany, France and Spain would receive the most migrants under the Commission's latest plan.
The idea of using quotas to resettle those who have made it to Europe has caused controversy in some EU states. 
This while the rich Muslim nation of the world do absolutely nothing to help !Doesn't rich Muslims Billionaire´s have any pride at all?  Western mainly Christian nations feed their brothers while their preachers keep talking about how corrupt the west is.....

The UK government says that it will not take part in such a system.
France, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia and Estonia have also all voiced concerns, and a final decision will be taken by EU governments after a vote by MEPs.
Denmark has the right to opt out of the plan while Ireland and the UK can decide whether they wish to opt in.
The plan applies to mainly Muslim Syrian and Eritrean nationals who arrive in Italy or Greece after 15 April 2015. The Commission said it could also apply to Malta if it also faced a sudden influx of migrants.
This is in addition to moves announced earlier this month by the EU for a voluntary scheme to settle 20,000 refugees fleeing conflict who are currently living outside the EU. 
Of the 40,000 migrants considered "in clear need of international protection", the Commission says:
  • Germany would take in 8,763 (21.91%) 
  • France would take in 6,752 (16.88%) 
  • Spain would take in 4,288 (10.72%)
Dimitris Avramopoulos, the home affairs commissioner, said it was not proposing "the fixing of quotas... for migration in general" and but it was "up to each member to decide how many refugees they will grant refugee status [to]".
"We only propose - and we insist on that - a fair distribution of a concrete number of migrants in clear need of international protection across the European Union," he said.
Countries would receive €6,000 (£4,250) for every person relocated on their territory under the latest proposal, the commission said.
More than 1,800 migrants have died in the Mediterranean in 2015 - a 20-fold increase on the same period in 2014. Some 60,000 people have already tried to make the perilous crossing this year, the UN estimates. Most are trying to escape poverty in countries such as Syria, Eritrea, Nigeria and Somalia...and naturally if we let them all just come instead of helping them back home more and more will arrive until the end of money in the west. Fact is non of them speak any EU languages and another fact is that 90% of them won't be able to find any work because we in Europe are in the midst ova crisis and not even local youth find work! If this don't stop the EU will be made to stop by angry citizens  Greece is not just a indicator and a financial is stake but the first in a long line of nations who are facing over-debts and actual deficit. No new initiatives are taken to revitalise EU and the 1990s crashes did destroy both industries and small businesses and non of it has been regained ever since. So question remains very open: Who can pay for EU´s wishes ? Answer no one.....The only ones to profit of this are the Human trade criminals who also now get a green light from EU. Wow congratulations EU what a remarkable vision on how we should pay for criminality on top of all with tax money......

Naval force

The Commission said Italy and Greece were facing an exceptional level of migration, with Italy seeing a 277% rise in irregular border crossings from 2013 to 2014 and Greece seeing an increase of 153%.
UN chief Ban Ki-moon has also urged Europe to do more to help migrants, calling for search-and-rescue operations in the Mediterranean to be "further strengthened". "I'm urging European leaders to address this issue in a more comprehensive way and a collective way," he said, adding that the "roots" of the problem in countries of origin must also be addressed.
But UK International Development Secretary Justine Greening has rejected the European Commission's idea of mandatory quotas because she said it could act as a "pull for more migrants". French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said this month that asylum should be a right, not subject to quotas. 
Earlier this month, EU ministers backed plans for a naval force to set up to combat smuggling gangs, if necessary by military force, inside Libyan territorial waters. Unless they sink the vessels and send the people back so it unprofitable its not going to work! But that´s naturally not being even a topic.