Friday, 8 May 2015

India: Narendra Modi´s blame game shows results however not good ones

The environmental group Greenpeace has said it may be forced to shut down in India in a month because the government has frozen its bank accounts. The pressure group said it had only about 30 days' worth of funds with which to pay office costs and salaries.

Whats the cause ? 
 Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s agenda, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) has submitted a classified document identifying several foreign-funded non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that are “negatively impacting economic development”.
“A significant number of Indian NGOs (funded by some donors based in the US, the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and Scandinavian countries) have been noticed to be using people centric issues to create an environment which lends itself to stalling development projects,” says the IB report marked to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Link to the leaked document can be found below:

For now fact is that India blocked Greenpeace's accounts last month, accusing it of violating tax laws and working against its economic interests.  Greenpeace says the restrictions are an "attempt to silence criticism".  The group, which says it is being targeted because of its campaigns on issues such as pollution and harmful pesticides, is preparing a legal challenge.

"We have one month left to save Greenpeace India from complete shutdown, and to fight MHA's [ministry of home affairs] indefensible decision to block our domestic accounts," Greenpeace India official Samit Aich said in a press release on Tuesday.
The group has been present in India for 14 years and employs 340 people.

Now India's self-proclaimed cure against most problems has gone to war against minorities and mainly blamed foreign NGO´s  for hindering the Indian anyway dead duck so called Industrial development.

India has a tradition of standing on podiums claiming victories with garlands before accomplishing absolutely anything just like the worlds cheapest car that was produced by china and the worlds cheapest computer that also turned out to be a rather wishful thinking.

Modi on his beloved podium taking credit for what ? The picture and advertisement?
The rest of India looks like this:

Mr Narendra Modi and his Arc of pollution
Mr Narendra Modi´s home province was the most polluted province in India 2012

New Delhi pollution is catastrophic 
India is the leading polluter even if it has almost no export compared to China 

Delhi has the highest level of the airborne particulate matter, PM2.5 considered most harmful to health, with 153 micrograms.  Not far behind is another Indian city, Patna with 149 micrograms.  These figures are six times what the WHO considers a "safe" limit which is 25 micrograms.  Half of the top 20 cities in the world with the highest levels of PM2.5 were in India, according to the pollution data released by the WHO, which included 1,600 cities. 
Other cities with high levels were located in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

PM2.5 refers to the diameter measured in microns of particulates such as ammonia, carbon, nitrates and sulfate -- which are small enough to pass into the bloodstream and cause diseases such as emphysema and cancer.
The WHO data echoes an earlier study this year which found that air pollution in New Delhi is now worse than Beijing.
No Chinese cities ranked in the top 20 most polluted cities, despite thick, gray smog filling its cities and millions of residents commuting behind surgical masks. Beijing reported 56 micrograms of PM2.5. This year, Chinese leaders have declared "war on pollution."

Delhi has been described as having weak enforcement of pollution controls by India's Center for Science and Environment, a public interest group.
"Originally designed as compact entities to reduce the length of travel ... (Indian cities) are becoming victims of killer pollution, congestion ... and a crippling car-dependent infrastructure," according to the group.

And the world's most polluted city is...
Air pollution has spread by increasing reliance on fossil fuels, coal-fired power plants, cars and the use of biomass for cooking and heating.
Cities with the lowest level of pollution were located in Canada, the United States, Finland, Iceland and Sweden.
We ate SDR would never have known how bad polluter India is unless Mr Modi would have given Greenpeace notice... Its maybe time for India to take responsibility about what they do to the rest of the world in the name of greed and blaming others.

If India is not stopped we might be able 
to breath in Delhi in Stockholm or NY, 
and that's not even a joke!

Garbage filled canal
Rajasthan: Jaipur Cows eating trash
 Walking in human pollution ...
This could be a classical portrait of Indian realism 2015

So far India's traditional export is what sells and that is textiles and spices and traditional handicrafts . But also the Indian greed on rising prices without paying taxes and investing on Infrastructure has driven Indian IT firms to other Asian Countries like Indonesia ,Malaysia etc as the event the Indian IT workers are not satisfied about the inflated shallow prices without any infrastructural changes or services. Ever since ages India has not been able to keep stable energy and modern machinery running the way its done in neighbouring China, with the results that machines stop at any given time and not even god Krishna can foresee how little or much a medium size factory will produce in India.

Naturally there are always exceptions but that's what they are so don't trust them to be the standard.

No one can give Narendra Modi his dignity back for seeking excuses and mistakes in others instead of getting hands on Investing real funds so that India can even get close to China in 10 -20 years because that's how backwards India is today but with the pollution increase one might make a safe bet
that all India will be dead or almost dead much before such a time as India lets out far more toxins in comparison to what it can export. Modi financial plan is like driving a car wt full speed against a wall and nothing less.

It doesn't help t´like this Mr Modi it takes putting money on the table and then to get it back from the Industries who polluted the country without that the money gets lost on the way back to the State of India. That's basically what India must do! However what and where the money goes is a entirely different story.

So what more is India up to more ? 
The global campaign group Greenpeace has asked the Indian government to explain after one of its activists was prevented from travelling to London.

Priya Pillai was due to brief British MPs on how a proposed coal mine by a UK-based company was threatening the livelihoods of local villagers.

Greenpeace has alleged that she was refused permission to board her flight by immigration officers.
Ms Pillai said in a statement that she had a valid visa but was barred from boarding the aircraft by immigration officials who stamped her passport with the word "offload".

"Today my right to freedom of movement has been infringed and there was an attempt to treat me like a criminal."

Ms Priya Pillai was denied to board the plane to talk to MPs

Ms Pillai said officials told her they were "just following orders from the Indian government".
Greenpeace has described the move as an attempt by the country's government to intimidate and bully the rights group.

Narendra’s relabelling of censoring foreign NGOs is covered by a desperate hope to accuse them of tax evasions and the most fantastic claim the they are to be blamed to hinder Indian Industrial development.

We at SDR have only one sentence about this and that is:
What development Mr Modi ? 
We have not seen any development as India even if they have funds more than enough it is still to greedy to invest even in their own nation. Shame on Mr, Modi for blaming others. India was a paradise but greed and ignorance has killed Indian forests, temples and cities alike.

Its just like the Indian trains where the people buy food and then after eating throw the empty plates etc  on the floor where after the conductor sweeps it out of the train between the wagons. Imagine this sort of constant polluting only by trains for decades .....That's just an example of why India is the dirtiest nation of Asia and who knows maybe also the sickest ? But for that one needs NGOs who do statistical studies and that's not going to happen if India keeps throwing the NGOs out of India.

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