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Islam major topic in the Turkish election

While we in the West take if for granted that anyone can believe in any god or religion and that we should help migrants fleeing mainly from Muslims nations failing tow function. Turkeys ongoing elections show us that Religion can be abused for selfish power and as a reason to take away freedoms from minorities, in some sort of perverted satisfaction. In other words the total opposite that we in EU try to practice and that is freedom and compassion for needy people regardless of religion, gender or race.

President Tayyip Erdogan is reminding the Turkish voters of the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople and vowing the Muslim call to prayer would forever ring out, President Tayyip Erdogan put religion on the centre stage on Saturday as campaigning for Turkey's parliamentary election entered its final week.

Persuading religious conservatives, including pious Kurds and nationalists, to back the Islamist-rooted AK Party will be key in an election Erdogan hopes will bring him stronger presidential powers that opponents see as a threat to democracy writes BBC.

Turkey's most dominant politician for more than a decade and founder of the AK Party, Erdogan draws much of his support from the pious masses. His rhetoric often plays on a tension reaching back to the 1920s when Mustafa Kemal Ataturk forged a secular republic from the ruins of an Ottoman theocracy.

"We will not give way to those who speak out against our call to prayer," he said in a speech in Istanbul to mark the anniversary of the 1453 Islamic conquest or in better words occupation that turned the capital of the Byzantine Empire into the seat of Ottoman power.

"We will not give space to those who want to extinguish the fire of conquest burning in the heart of Istanbul for 562 years," he told a sea of supporters waving the red Turkish flag, most of the women covered in the Islamic headscarf and some of the men wearing headbands bearing Erdogan's name.

This is nothing less than spitting Christianity in the face openly!
An AK Party video released to commemorate the conquest culminated with the Muslim call to prayer being recited from a minaret of the Hagia Sophia, Christendom's greatest cathedral for 900 years until the Ottomans turned it into a mosque.

Modern founder of today Turkey Ataturk, banished Islam from state affairs and promoted Western dress and women's rights, decreed it a museum in 1934.  But Erdogan aggressively drives a sadistic combination of Islamic identity and wish to publicly degrade a almost non existing Christian minority  in front of the eye´s of his voters showing he has more spunk that western submission to his aggression has revived interest in praying there.

So lets look at what Western Politicians doesn't bother to hear about Erdogan. 

Delusional or just uneducated Pasha?

Turkey's Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, a professor of political science, believes that Jerusalem, built a millennium before the birth of Islam, is originally a Muslim city. And, according to the Turkish president, Saudis should please not get offended Jerusalem is the Muslims' "most important Mecca." Jerusalem has always had a spectacular place in a Turkish Islamist's heart and mind. But pre-election fervour in Turkey has lifted "Jerusalem-fetish" to new heights.

Turkey's Islamists today look like Egypt's second president, Gamal Abdel Nasser, a Pan-Arab nationalist, and his army commanders almost half a century ago. On May 16, 1967, Nasser ordered U.N. Emergency Force Commander, Indar Jit Rykhye, to evacuate his force from the Sinai buffer zone within 48 hours. When Rykhye asked one Egyptian commander if Egypt was aware of the consequences, the commander replied
"Oh sir, I'll meet you at lunch in Tel Aviv." 
The UN force left, and Egypt and Israel were left alone to fight the 1967 war. 
No one knows where the Egyptian commander had lunch the next day, but definitely not in Tel Aviv, so much we all know and the comment is nothing but showing us once again how giga-mouthed Arabs talk and what happens after.

Turkeys Prime Minister Davutoglu (formerly foreign minister), has reiterated countless times since he joined the Turkish cabinet in 2009 that, "We will have prayers at the al-Aqsa mosque in the Palestinian capital 'Quds' ([Jerusalem]." 

This wish remains to be fulfilled. But that does not discourage Turkish leaders from cherishing increasing doses of "Jerusalem-fetish."
When a Kurdish politician said in a public speech that "Jerusalem is the holy city for the Jews," a furious Davutoglu held a rally and said at the top of his voice: "Jerusalem is our holy place;" and that he would never allow the city's "Islamic character" to change.
Davutoglu, in another election rally speech, added: "One day al-Aqsa will definitely reach liberation ... Jerusalem is our eternal cause." In yet another speech, Davutoglu claimed that his government has faced multiple coup d'├ętat attempts only because he says "Jerusalem is our cause.".
In still another, he claimed that Jerusalem's final period in peace was "our (Ottoman) times." And in another, he commemorated "the Turks, Arabs, Kurds, Zaza (a Kurdish tribe) and Arab in the glorious army of Saladin." It is as if, for Davutoglu (and Erdogan), Jerusalem did not exist before 1187. If it did not, why do the Turks talk about its "conquest," a euphemism they always seem to prefer to avoid the word "occupation" or "invasion."

President Erdogan has no less invented ideas and realities to give. "Jerusalem," according to the president, "is the holiest place of Muslims and it belongs to the Palestinians." In a recent speech, he claimed that Jews are [secretly] educating people on the Zoroastrian faith at mountain camps. 
"We have evidence [to prove] that," Erdogan added. 
And naturally not very unexpectedly he has never produced any such bewildering "evidence."
And never will but that´s besides the point as he seemingly can tell anything in public or to the media without Israel and other western nations demanding of  him to either substantiate a his claim of proof or apologise publicly.

The sad truth is that our western politicians don't really care about what any Arab or Erdogan talks.The usual comment is , what who ? Well who cares what they speak .....

Unless the west start a reality check on the damage such ignorance causes and demand some accountability. Well if not , then we will see millions of Turks and Arabs running around with historical facts that are no more historically correct than the latest issue of Walt Disney's Donald Duck.

Fact is that Erdogan thinks that US was discovered by Muslims!

Erdogan even went so far as to claim that US was not found by Columbus or Eirikur Eiriksson but by some Muslims......A clam that carry no archaeological or even historical merit and simply is made up by Erdogan and besides that when we in the west tell of finding it ...then its not like we represent China and Africa or Arabs. That's something that Erdogan seems to totally be unaware of.  Western civilisation arrived to US with Columbus or Eiriksson. But the ones first there where not Muslims but  the natives naturally. How about that Erdogan where the American Indians ever Muslims ?
SDR: US: Turkey's religious supremacist Erdogan challenges Icelandic history

The common opinion .....
"I don't mind if Erdogan uses Islam as a political propaganda tool. I actually appreciate that he brings it up. These are our values, we shouldn't forget them," said Ahmet Sahin, a 26-year old accountant among the crowd.

Erdogan appeals to conservative Muslim Turks who feel they were treated as second-class citizens during decades of rule by secular parties. He has spoken with scorn of the old secular elite. "They drink their whisky on the Bosphorus ... and hold the rest of the people in contempt," he once said.

Constitutionally banned from party politics as head of state, Erdogan has nonetheless delivered podium speeches around the country in recent weeks ahead of the June 7 election, berating the opposition and arguing for a presidential system. He wants the AKP to win a strong enough majority to change the constitution and hand him greater powers unopposed, something opinion polls suggest it will struggle to do.

Erdogan casts the main secularist opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), founded by Ataturk, as hostile to religion, but the biggest electoral threat is likely to come from the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP).  If it crosses the 10 percent threshold needed to enter parliament it would steal seats from AKP, potentially leaving it unable to form a majority government.  However Erdogan is seeking to win over pious Kurds, Erdogan has devoted much time to questioning the HDP's Muslim credentials, describing them as followers of the Zoroastrian religion and accusing them of an insulting reference to the Kaaba, the most sacred site in Islam which worshippers face when praying.

"These people have nothing to do with Islam," Erdogan, who held aloft a Kurdish translation of the Koran earlier this month, told a rally in Istanbul this week. "I believe my pious Kurdish brothers will give them the necessary answer on June 7."

Islamist media accused HDP co-leader Selahattin Demirtas of eating pork, something he has denied.
"For weeks the president and prime minister are going around saying 'I am a Muslim' and running a campaign of lies and slander," he told CNN Turk on Wednesday.  "This is black propaganda designed to smear me in the eyes of a part of society." To us the rest this shows that if this is being a good Muslim then we will all be ride donkey to work and serve the Ottoman masters 15 wives and like slaves at home...This naturally not only the case for Christians and Jew but would include Saudi Arabians and other in his eyes lesser Muslims. 

Because one thing is for sure Erdogan is not just mistaken about dates and facts but he truly believes in some sort of Turkish Ottoman master race and that Turks will pray in Jerusalem while Hamas and Fatah will have to face what Ottoman occupation. In all his love speeches about Palestine he seems to forget that the Turks never gave one meter of land or freedom to Palestinians of that time.

But treated them at best like lesser beings. This is the historical truth and a fact and won't change just because Erdogan had some twisted idea again.

At last but not least  picture of Edogan´s shameful openly antisemitic view
that cant be neither explained or ignored when it comes to Turkey as a Nato or EU partner. 

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