Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Modi administration accuses foreign-funded aid organisations to stall India's economic growth!

Many mad accusations have been heard but that Indians blame others for their own incapability is incredible. I have visited India since I was young and the only reason why India fails in all and everything is because they are too greedy and wish for others to pay.
When ever you wish normal houses in India yo will notice the lack of constructional laws and as a result you may have electric switches anywhere …sometime´s high and sometimes low…The same is with anything India produces except food and textiles etc…
High end Industrial products sold as export are still remain rare.

A good example is TaTa´s worlds cheapest car the saves even on the bolts. The wheels hold only 3 bolts per wheel. 

This naturally reflects the rest of the country where nation wide wholesale is as rare as camels in NY.
Mr Modi is becomming more and more anti west the less he himself manages to push his own nation towards even remotely looking to become as developed like China or most other nations.

Right now India has cancelled the registration of nearly 9,000 foreign-funded NGOs saying they have failed to comply with rules.

The charities had not filed their annual tax returns for three years and had failed to explain the delay, a home ministry order said.

In the last few months, India has taken a tough stance against aid groups.

For instance the Ford Foundation was put on a watch list and ordered to seek government permission before giving money to local organisations.

And earlier this last month, India froze the national bank accounts of Greenpeace, accusing it of violating the country's tax laws and working against its economic interests by "stalling development projects".

In an order, the home ministry said notices were issued to thousands of non-governmental organisations in October last year (2014).

The groups were asked to furnish their tax details within a month, specifying the amount of foreign funds received, sources and the purpose for which they were received and how they were spent.

The government said only 229 have replied to the notices and that it was cancelling the registration of 8,975 groups "with immediate effect". Hundreds of other cases are still being reviewed.

Analysts say Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government is suspicious of foreign-funded aid organisations and a government intelligence report last year accused many activists of taking help from foreign countries to stall India's economic growth.

translated into English: Any foreign NGO trying to helping India is accused of stopping India to grow economically.


OK then lets all help Modi to make India grow 

So please tell all and everyone not to fund any NGO activities in India!