Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Really? Texas Prophet cartoon attack: Gunman was previous terror suspect

One of two gunmen shot dead at an event in Texas exhibiting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad had been a terror suspect, court documents show.

The man in question was Elton Simpson who had been under surveillance since 2006 and was convicted in 2010 for lying about plans to go to Somalia, the files reveal tells us media. We at SDR wonder what files? And what more could these files reveal and by who where they?

What we know so far is that Elton Simpson had shared a flat in Arizona with the person named by authorities as the other gunman, Nadir Soofi.  And that both were shot after opening fire at a conference centre near Dallas.

BBC writes that Elton Simpson's family has said that there was no sign he was planning to carry out such an attack….Our question would be: Has there ever been a alarm by any family of any terrorist warning about any upcoming terrorist attack?

Really ?
”We are sure many people in this country are curious to know if we had any idea of Elton's plans. To that we say, without question, we did not," said a statement issued through lawyers in Phoenix.The statement, made on behalf on unnamed family members, said his relatives were "heartbroken and in a state of deep shock".
SDR thinks that, the shock would have been less if they would have bothered to know their own family a bit more. Its hardly possible to become a Muslim and even more to became a radical Muslim if in close contact with ones own family.
We ate SDR would certainly know if any of our cousins suddenly would become a Muslim, and we think the wast majority would agree on this.

More than a red flag!
On Monday FBI agents searched Simpson and Soofi's home in Phoenix and a white van parked outside. According to Arizona court documents published in the US media, Simpson was charged in 2010 with lying to FBI agents about planning to go to Somalia to engage in violent jihad, or holy war.

A judge found him guilty of making a false statement and he was sentenced to three years probation and a $600 (£400) fine.

The by the media un-named judge ruled there was insufficient evidence that the false statement involved international terrorism. To the judge in question we hope that he will have the decency to take a course on Islamism and terrorism …
This reveals that US prosecutors offices all over US are in need of special judges aware of Islamist and extremist studies! One can hardly have the same judge ruling on a DUI or is that how the US thinks to protect its citizens from further radicals?
To step up all sort of laws don’t serve anything if the people in charge don’t know the difference between a Sunni Shia , Wahhabi or Salafist, etc.

Both EU and US are drowning in political nominations with people hardy competent to talk about any of the matters relating to terrorism and its roots and where it's going.
What more is that in Europe many of the foreign ministers would not stand a chance if questioned about the most recent Islamist matters and facts on what has happened.
Just for instance: President Obama suggested that Turkey should become a EU member almost directly after he was elected president at his first visit to EU and Turkey.
He must not have known that its still today an offence to leave Islam in Turkey and that the law one brakes is that of acting un -Turkish's. Obama also should have known that at the begin of the century Turkey had a Christian minority of 6% and which now is maybe at best 0,2%, and so little that Wikipedia cant even give number on them today.

See Arab cartoons here

Why was no flags raised in US?
The court document also showed that Simpson had been under investigation since 2006 because of his association with an individual the FBI believed was trying to set up a terrorist cell in Arizona. Simpson had told an informant in 2009 that it was "time to go to Somalia", adding: "We gonna make it to the battlefield."
He later said he was planning to travel to South Africa and then on to Somalia….leaving us with the question why?

What happened?
The incident unfolded when a car drove into the car park of the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, a city near Dallas, where a:
Muhammad Art Exhibit organised by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) was being held.

The conference included a contest that offered a $10,000 prize for a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad. 

The two men in the car opened fire with assault rifles on two security officers, Garland police said. One of the officers, a traffic policeman, returned fire and killed both gunmen, police spokesman Joe Harn said. The security officer who with him was shot in the lower leg. He was treated in hospital and released. A bomb squad searched the suspects' vehicle and set off several controlled explosions. They found additional ammunition but no bombs, Mr Harn said.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott called the attack a "heinous crime" and said he was being briefed by state authorities.

BBC writes idiotically that depictions of the Prophet Muhammad are offensive to many Muslims while not telling that Muslim nations who all  have a state censored media do the same about Jews and westerners on a daily basis. Should we in the West have less rights and honour than Muslims ?
See the Muslim cartoons about us here:

To even ask so is an insult against our Christian-Judeo identity.
We ate SDR think its our right top demand that to be treated with respect in the west.

BBC writes that the AFDI is run by a “controversial” blogger and activist Pamela Geller who said she was standing up for free speech, adding: "This terrible incident reflects the need for such conferences." This just shows how little the BBC effects realities on the streets of UK and the rest of Europe except for maybe Sweden.

Hardly controversial is a fact!
One of the keynote speakers at Sunday's event was the Dutch politician Geert Wilders, an outspoken critic of Islamism and them demanding special rights and privileges while showing little or non them self's towards other religious groups.

SDR thinks that anyone demanding matters they don’t give them self's cant be taken as respectful representatives at any official forum.

BBC writes further: There were widespread protests in 2006 when the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad. This while forgetting how many people have been killed or live under constant threat by religiously issued fawa´s.
To western legal scholars there should be no doubt that issuing a threat or call for killing of someone is a crime in it self!
This we all must remind our selfish politicians in the US and EU.
We don’t demand special rights but non bias and just equal rights in order to protect our self's against Islamists!

Media should have the decency to publish all the killings in the West in the name of the same prophet and then compare that to other religions!
This is the one and only measure of reality that would give us a perspective on what and who is instigating all the never ending killings.

Let the reality sink in with the following list ...


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