Friday, 8 May 2015

SDR proudly presents: The Israeli Intelligence and terrorist Observation Forum

Dear readers if you are interested in seeing and sharing the latest 
Intelligence and terrorist matters from around the areas of Israel, 
then feel free to apply for membership. The Israeli Intelligence
and Terrorist Observation Forum now exists on LinkedIn.

We post both daily and weekly updates and wish to serve the ones 
who want to know more than just the commonly western filtered 
media reports which many times leave things out completely.

A group is only as good as its members so the IITOF will screen 
any new member. Any new member applicant should be able to 
present a professional fitting background and interest to comment 
on information related to the areas in question.

The groups is mainly intended for typical Westerners who believe in 
freedom of speech and gender and religious equality.

At last but not least, if you know a little about Intelligence it 
won't hurt the group...