Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Knights Templar Police for the dumb and dumber

Three people have been charged in California with impersonating law enforcement officers after claiming to operate a police department with jurisdiction in 33 states.


Fake Group 'Masonic Fraternal Police Department' Discovered

No a Grand master would have sunglasses except if someone is a rap artist like Grandmaster Flash and the furious 5.

They said they belonged to a group called the Masonic Fraternal Police Department, which they claimed dated back to the Knights Templar. 

Any historian with even the slightest knowledge of history will confirm that only white European noblemen where accepted as Templar's.  (see link below)  The majority in Europe from where the Masons and especially the Knight Templar's would never have  accepted any coloured or African as they where simply not know to 99.9 of the population.

"Like it or not but " The United States began as a segregated country. It was segregated at first by religious groups (recall, for example, the founding of Rhode Island) and later, as religious differences blended - by the introduction of slaves whom many treated as 'property'. This is a fact that many accepted. Others acquiesced or ignored it completely (or as much as possible). A precious few spoke out against it, and they were nearly universally condemned for doing so.

- Masonry, like virtually all other organisations of the 1700's and most of the 1800's in the United States, followed the mores of society.
- Masonry today in the United States can be seen through the eyes of two different independent 'controlling entities' (grand bodies) which are, primarily, divided along racial lines.  

In the earliest days of the United States, white men and black men did not mix socially in any way.  In fact, this continued through the 1960s with segregation at virtually all levels of live.  It is not unusual, then, to appreciate that this didn't occur in Freemasonry either.  A good comparison would be to try to imagine someone from the European working classes during the days of the Crusades trying to become  Knight or a Templar. Its as unthinkable as some Viking becoming a African village chief.
Its simply not possibly as we cant change historical facts to suit our self's.

So after reading the news the most important thing one discover is that Americans don’t learn the most elementary facts about history at school not even about their so called back history.

Whats most scary about this American masonry Templar idiocracy of make believe is that ….
One of the trio is a junior aide to California's attorney general, Kamala Harris.

Uniforms, weapons and vehicles were found in premises linked to the group.  Brandon Kiel (an aide to state Attorney General Kamala Harris) David Henry and Tonette Hayes were arrested on 30 April ...and believe it or not but they where released later that day!

"When asked what is the difference between the Masonic Fraternal Police Department  and other Police Departments the answer is simple for us. We were here first!" the group's website page reads. "We are born into this Organization, our bloodlines go deeper than an application." 
To any historian this must be like someone claiming to be lord Donald Duck.

Sad fact is that someone must have used the alleged Mason Police persons low ego´s and made them believe the story that they where something special...

Knights Templar claims or delusions?
Ever since the film the DaVinci Code all sort of claims to be secret societies have popped up not carrying any more value then the legacy of being a Jedi Knight from star wars.

According their website, the Masonic Fraternal Police Department was created by the Knights Templar in 1100 BC although historical facts prove that the crusader order was set up more than 2,000 years later!

Authorities began investigating the group after police chiefs in southern California received a letter in late January that announced Mr Kiel would be serving as "chief deputy director" of the group. The letter claimed there were 5,686 lodges and that the department "will be able to acquire Intel that is not accessible to non-fraternal entities".

Los Angeles County sheriff's spokeswoman Nicole Nishida told the Associated Press that there were no indications that the group had carried out any law enforcement activities. But rather serious question remains: Did they use this so called Intel they claimed to have. And if so for whet purpose?.

We at SDR have direct contact with a group studying abuse and secretly uncovering of false diplomatic titles by organisations and individuals. The name of the group is:  Anti Fraudulent Diplomatic Title and Issuers Society. 

The group told us that some very shady org´s claiming to be Templar's have even used UN and its affiliate programs as a cover to legitimise its “indirect sales of titles” . The facts about the organisations will be presented to UN eventually the group spokesperson told us.

What sort of title abuse do we see most we asked?  When you have to donate your own good standing name like for instance  a already impressive title like PhD or general, to be shown off to support the fake Templar's. 
Or… like in most cases just simply funds in exchange for a literally shallow ambassador title worth barely the ink its written with. The anti fraud group members we are told are constantly keeping eye´s open and observe abusers who rather sooner than later will face trial not for selling titles but for impersonating a internationally recognised official that diplomats are. Impersonating a Govt official is a serious crime.

After all to claim to be a Medical surgeon and to use the title is as bad as to use the title of a Ambassador. One would think it stops at this but bit doesn’t!
Even the use of the title goodwill Ambassador (Like given by the UN rarely) is a commonly used some fraudsters “WITHOUT A LEGITIMATE CAUSE “ it´s as fraudulent as the unless there is a existing proof of a bigger public cause that can be documented.  

Strangely enough it seems to not be prohibited by any law to claim your own Templar past and go ahead and open John,Jack and Jill's Templar's its even possible to legally register such at the time being in both US and EU .

Who said that life cant be stranger than fiction?

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