Monday, 25 May 2015

Western pride, sacrifice and tears reminded us by a 11year old US by in Normandy!

Almost a year ago now In June of 2014, an 11 year-old boy travelled to Normandy, France in honor of the seventieth anniversary of D-Day. 

While there, he launched a project called “Project Vigil” in which he spent four days tourists about three paratroopers who were buried in the American Cemetery.


The boy had planned on wearing his WWII-style uniform to the official D-Day celebration, but local police wouldn’t allow him to do so. Undeterred, the boy threw on his uniform and headed to Omaha Beach with his American Flag.

The boy planted the flag in the sand and spent an hour staring towards the water in a salute to honor all those who fought and died there on D-Day.  This video also marks for all Europeans one of the most significant turns of their future in a free world. Together we the US forces all around Europe where British Norwegian French Finnish and Danish , Dutch, Greek, and Russian forces who sure felt the same losses...
SDR doesn't know one family in old Europe who did not loose a  family member or the entire family, just like I know personally.  Let's not forget the freeing of all the concentration camps that followed and where millions of  lives of Jews Political opponents invalids ...where lost.  This day does not only belong to a few selected soldiers but the D day is the turn of a entire World War that lasted out most of my parents youth. My father was wounded by a shrapnel and some other family members stabbed by bayonets or got wounded by enemy fire.

The worst many of us  remember is the waiting for those who never arrived and who we never ever did arrive who dies ob some battlefield or as partisans in some remote areas or never to be buried and naturally toss whose who never arrived home from, Buchenwald, Treblinka, Dachau , Auschwitz or Bergen Belsen and more ....

For them all, this by is a proud reminder that, its never to late to give respect!

Many millions all around the west will in this moment feel sad and also be reminded at what cost our west was created! It should not be given away ever for something as cowardly as the term political correct and consensus of silence. 

May we all remind our self's of the price this came to cost us all in the West and also tell our leaders that this sacrifice should not have been for nothing when making decisions today!

Our past can´t be separated from our future just because of some selfish political ambition
let's all of us never let that happen. Because its about to ! 
Together we must not let the politicians steal and degenerate our past sacrifices.

SDR wishes to thank Jim Prouty for this story 
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