Monday, 15 June 2015

France´s Antisemitism about to reach German WW2 Antisemitic proportions

Apartheid or straight out Racist or Nazi whats the difference ?
Has France forgotten all the pledges done in front of all foreign leaders after the Charlie Hebdo attacks? 

Just some moths after the attacks and big words France´s Antisemitism reaches German WW2 Antisemitic proportions

Its so short time ago that France told Jews have nothing to worry about in France...

Sign from Nazi Germany: Jews won't get served 

Louvre Museum, other French sites refuse to book Israeli students' visit.
French governor asks prosecution office to probe the incident over suspicions of illegal discrimination Jean-Francois Carenco, the governor of the Ile-de-France region with includes Paris and its environs, has asked the prosecutor's office to launch an investigation over suspicions of illegal discrimination against a group of Tel Aviv University art-history students, France’s Liberation newspaper has reported.....
More than enough facts have been presented here to see what France really is made of.  

This is why France might become the first EU nation becoming "Juden frei" aka free of Jews. 
History is about to repeat it self and no one screams...Is humanity dead?