Thursday, 11 June 2015

Denmark: 1.000 Muslims attend funeral of famous of terrorist and polygamist Abu Hamza

               As reported by Jyllans Posten (Denmark)
Translated by SDR 

Abu Hamza, a Muslim and known as a central figure around the disputed Grimhøj mosque in Aarhus, according to the newspaper's information died of cancer, 46 years old. 

On Monday afternoon around 1,000 people attended his funeral procession from the mosque through Aarhus to the Muslim burial ground in the Western Cemetery.

Jyllands-Posten sources confirmed that Abu Hamza was involved in the 2008 so-called “Tuneser sagen” or in English  “ Tunisian incident “ where he, together with two Tunisians, was arrested for comprehensive plans to kill Jyllands-Posten's former cartoonist Kurt Westergaard in revenge for Muhammad cartoons.

Last year US put  Abu Hamza, who was then officially called Abdessamad Fateh, on a terrorist list for his connection to a Scandinavian network of extremists and terrorists from al-Qaeda and Syria.

Abu Hamza was previously described as a "mega-seducer" who by the nickname "emir" or "sheikh" was treated with great respect in particular the young people in the mosque.

Abu Hamza has lived at several addresses in Aarhus, where he was married at the same time with a Danish and a Russian convert.

According to a reliable source his environment gave Abu Hamza her children a strict religious upbringing, and children may not watch cartoons because there was music in the films.


What needs to be added to the report is that Abu Hamza  and too many Nordic immigrants from Muslim nations bring along direct criminal offences which need to urgently be addressed and not like now ignored out of fear to be called racist or Islamo-phobic.  One of the most endemic ones is polygamy that is supported by most mosque´s and Islamic leaders in EU even if it is a criminal offence!  To wed someone with many wives is a criminal offence no matter what religion someone has in EU. Right now Mosques all over EU are braking the laws freely without consequences and this has to change NOW especially that many claim social benefits as a single mother while married adding to any possible polygamy charge additional a second charge swindling social benefits of large sums which is by the letter of the law fraud no matter where one is in EU.

Mosques should be required to register their weddings with the authorities, just like other religion within EU!  If we are to address this matter legally heads on, then its time for trust given to Islamic community to be replaced by legal demands.  After all the local laws are to be kept equally by all citizens alike. Any authorities choosing not to address this matter should facing a legal “reality check” that ignorance does not give immunity, directly or indirectly helping a crime to be committed. Lack of interest aka intentional neglect is punishable in most EU " and its time we see someone getting sentenced for looking the other way. "

This problem is not taken up now by SDR for nothing as its openly reported by the press that Abu Hamza was having two wives. 

Imagine a crime being seen by all police and no one does anything about the crime called polygamy!  What does the Danish Police do? Hide ?  Whats the next thing to look away on?  Burning windows?

Its a common loop-hole in UK and EU that many accept multiple marriages made in places where its allowed.  That's fine to accept it there where its allowed.  However should any barbaric tradition like honour killing be given the right to brought along from the other side of the globe that on top of all are prohibited for all of us. 

We at SDR think its utterly absurd just imagine a Hindu or Sadhu sipping a glass of Marijuana mixed with Yogurt that he had made in India saying it was done abroad ....Our question to EU would be to let local laws rule and to once and for all prohibit the idea of Sharia laws in EU and that of exceptions  made that can be manipulated with any sort of paper making it look like someone had 4 wives etc.
This sort of stupidity is like a invitation to brake the existing laws.

The only racist matter here is the EU prohibiting Christian Mormons and other non Muslims to do 
this and go unpunished. We need to see justice for all or the entire western idea of equal rights go out the chimney.

The following below shows that Abu Hamza was officially a designated a terrorist by the US 

In the Matter of the Designation of Abdessamad Fateh, 
Also known as Abu Hamza as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist. 
Download pdf:

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Federal Register | In the Matter of the Designation 
of Abdessamad Fateh, Also known as Abu Hamza as a 
Specially Designated Global Terrorist Pursuant to 
Section 1(b) of Executive Order 13224, as Amended