Saturday, 20 June 2015

If someone don't like Europe feel free to leave

                          Europe has freedom of speech, like it or not..............
                             Europe has women rights, like it or not..............
                             Europe loves Christian Crosses, like it or not................
                             The Holocausts did happen in Europe, like it or not..................
                             Gert Wilders represents the common man in EU, like it or not....
Famous Dutch far-right leader Gert Wilders says cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad will be broadcast on Dutch TV despite them not being aired as he intended on Saturday....

Geert Wilders said a "misunderstanding" with the network meant they were not broadcast on a slot on national TV allocated to political parties.....

Mr Wilders was quoted saying that there was a mix-up and that the cartoons will be shown next week. At 15:55 GMT on Wednesday."

The timing of the broadcast during the holy month of Ramadan is designed to have maximum impact. Depictions of the Prophet Muhammad are offensive to many Muslims. Even if such can be seen by many Iranian Shia Muslims at home and in shops etc...So to say all Muslims are hurt is by far exaggerated.
(see link below by the BBC)

Mr Wilders has often expressed his distaste for Islam and it´s mass immigration and has called for the Koran to be banned in the Netherlands.

Mr Wilders decided to use a loophole allowing anything to be shown during a party political broadcast after parliament refused to exhibit the cartoons on its premises.

He says he is broadcasting the images to defend free speech following the attack on the conference in Garland, Texas, where the cartoons were first shown.
That conference included a contest that offered a $10,000 (£6,300) prize for a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad.  Dutch embassies around the world have been placed on alert after Mr Wilders announced his plans to show the cartoons.

There were widespread protests in 2006 when the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad.

In January, 12 people were murdered by two Islamist gunmen at the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, which had published similar cartoons.

And a gathering of free speech activists in the Danish capital Copenhagen was targeted by a gunman in February, killing a film director.

Iran and other nations have done far more than to insult just once and should not pretend them selfs to be respectful to US and the west! See the link here below:
If Muslims don't want cartoons about them selfs why do they do it to to others ?

Take a good look at what Muslims think you don't know or see here and then tell Gert Wilders not to publish his little pictures.

At last but not least:
Regardless of what Muslims say today. We in Europe have always had our own laws. And non of these laws prohibit something any strange customs from the other side of the planet demands its own to follow. Our own laws are our own right and if it's not ok for some other then take your things and leave! 

If I don't like a place, I leave without thinking twice! 
So why do Muslim scholars hang around and cause trouble when all it takes is to leave?

To most Europeans this is not a debate we should need to have at all.
And if its not so, then why do we see so much support for Gert Wilders world wide?!?

Have pictures of Muhammad always been forbidden? - BBC News