Saturday, 27 June 2015

Finland: Prime Minister Sipilä condemns attacks in Tunisia and France

In an official release Friday afternoon, Finland new  and more effective Prime Minister Sipilä stated that Finland condemns terrorism in all its forms. This is something that the old Finnish government hardly ever did!

SDR thinks that 99% of Finns are utterly happy to finally see a Finnish PM who engages in the victims and not just feeling pity about the Islamist killers.
Former super-glued Minister of all sort Mr Tuomioja was known to be anti Israel and even accepted a honorary doctor by a Palestinian University.

Finnish PM Sipilä however is a fresh wind in western sails with the comment
"The events have shocked deeply. 
Killing is never justified. 
This is a huge human tragedy," Sipilä stated.

Prime Minister Sipilä has offered his condolences on behalf of the Government of Finland to French President François Hollande and will express his condolences to Habib Essid, the Prime Minister of Tunisia.

So far no Finns have been reported as victims .

Sources Yle, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Finland  with special gratitude to our Finnish co worker Torsti Korpela.