Friday, 19 June 2015

Iran paying Afghan mercenaries to fight in Syria

video: Is Iran Paying Afghan Men To Fight In Syria

video: An Warlord claims  'IS Behind Kidnappings of Hazaras 
Who Fought in Syria Against Sunnis'

Syria's long-running civil war has drawn in all sorts of groups and individuals who have joined the fight on one side or another.  Most are from the country's immediate neighbours, but it is also thought hundreds of unemployed men from Afghanistan have taken up arms alongside President Assad's forces. Whats mostly not report is that they get paid by Iran! They say they are being paid to do so by the Iranian government with the promise of passports and jobs if they survive.

Question? How can US negotiate with a waring nation like Iran on peaceful use of nuclear power as they  in the same time support fighters and funds who fight directly against US and western interests.

This must be the 50.000 dollar question of he day….