Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Really ? German Federal Foreign Office concerned at verdict condemning members of Muslim Brotherhood

After al the very bad that the Muslim Brotherhood has done in Egypt from the days of its founding
its hard for us at SDR to not react with a big question mark on the following statement by the German Government. Has Germany really forgotten what the the Brotherhood stated in their election to make Jerusalem the capital of Egypt...And then the ideas of covering the pyramids with wax and more matters they did plan together with more radical Salafist's they shared happily the power ruling Egypt. They almost managed to bring the entire nation into a state of hunger and anarchy where shops had to close and people found no work. ....

The following was reported by German Ministry of Foreign Affairs today to press and diplomats 
all over the world...
All we can say at SDR is Really ?

Federal Government concerned at verdict condemning members of Muslim Brotherhood

A spokesperson for the Federal Foreign Office issued the following statement in Berlin today (17 June) in response to the verdict announced yesterday by the Cairo court trying leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood:
This confirmation of the death sentences handed down to a large number of members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is deeply worrying. The German Government is categorically opposed to the death penalty, as it is an inhumane form of punishment.

We expect the Egyptian justice system to uphold international standards and guarantee a fair procedure governed by the rule of law in these cases – the case against former President Mohammed Morsi among them. There must be no politically motivated sentencing.