Friday, 26 June 2015

The Killings world wide in the name of Islam in the last 24 hours should be too much for the western leaders.....

...But instead of taking action they cowardly send statements and walk hand in hand  like they did in France while it accomplishes nothing.

The constant Killing of  Yazidi and Christian Children does not wake them up 
even if the amounts are growing day by day.

If 1 or 2 Palestinians children die unfortunately by a bomb however then the entire west and Islamic world talks about boycott and more ..
Forgotten fact is:
Israeli bombs have not killed any more children than US drones.

To us here at SDR, kid are kids and women are women if killed anywhere its sad ! The only thing worse than the personally killing toddlers and children by ISIS extremists is the Western media and orders indifference to the close up sadism without regrets that instead of being condemned is being tolerated!

Here below is that last 24 hours in the name of all sort of Islam 
Killing indiscriminately other Muslim fractions also called infidels Christians Kurds Yazidi's and more......

Too many terror attacks been carried out within the space of 24 hours in France, Kuwait and Tunisia Kobane and Somalia....

Many of the incidents, in which scores of people were killed, took place around the time of Friday prayers - typically the most crowded of the week - during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Lyon, France: approx 10:00 local time (08:00 GMT)

The first attack took place in France at a gas factory in south eastern France.
Explosions rocked the US-owned facility in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, near Lyon, at about 10:00 local time (08:00 GMT) on Friday.
A delivery vehicle rammed into the factory entrance, where it hit gas canisters, triggering an explosion and injuring two people.
One of the men from the vehicle was tackled by a firefighter and held at the scene, while a decapitated body with an "inscription" written on it was found nearby.
A head was later found on railings at the site, along with flags featuring Arabic writing.

Suspect 'known'

The suspect was later named as Yassin Sali, a 35-year-old delivery driver from nearby Saint-Priest.
The dead man is thought to be the suspect's manager, but it is not clear when or where he was killed.
The suspect may have killed his boss before driving to the factory, where he put the head on the fence and left the body in the grounds before driving further into site in the hope of causing an explosion.
Sali, who is married with three children, is said to have been known to the intelligence services.
His wife, who was later taken into custody by police, told Europe 1 radio that he left to go to work as normal at 07:00 - but didn't return as expected.
French President Francois Hollande said: "The intent was without doubt to cause an explosion. It was a terrorist attack."

Air Products, the owner of the factory where the attack took place, is a US chemical company based in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Founded in 1940, it has 20,000 employees and operates in more than 50 countries. Its current chairman and chief executive is Iranian-born Seifi Ghasemi.

Kuwait mosque attack:  (approx 09:00 GMT)

The second attack took place on a Shia mosque in the Kuwaiti capital about an hour after the incident in France.
At least 25 people were killed and dozens more wounded in the suicide bomb blast.
The explosion took place around the time of Friday prayers at the Imam Sadiq Mosque in al-Sawaber, a busy area to the east of Kuwait City.
A Kuwaiti MP, who saw the attacker, told Reuters news agency that the mosque was packed with 2,000 people when there was a loud explosion.

An Islamic State-affiliated group called Najd Province claimed it was behind the attack. The group has carried out similar attacks in neighbouring Saudi Arabia and Yemen recently.
Sunni-ruled Kuwait has a large Shia minority, which IS considers to be heretical.

Tunisia beach attack:  (approx 11:00 GMT)

The third attack took place close to the Hotel Imperial Marhaba in the popular tourist resort of Port El Kantaoui, to the north of Sousse, Tunisia.
At approximately 12:00 local time (11:00 GMT) at least one gunman fired on tourists on the beach, killing at least 28 people and forcing holidaymakers to flee.
Those killed include British, German, Tunisian and Belgian nationals, the country's health ministry said. Thirty-six others have been wounded.

Several hotels lead directly onto this stretch of the beach, among them the RUI Hotel Imperial Marhaba.
British holidaymaker Steve Johnson told the BBC: "We were just laying on the beach as usual and we heard what we thought at first was fireworks. But it was soon pretty obvious that it wasn't fireworks, that it was firearms that were being discharged and people screaming and starting to run. Me and my friend we just said: 'You know, that's guns, let's go'."

Senior Tunisian security official Rafik Chelli told a local radio station that a gunman had launched the attack by hiding his gun in a beach parasol.
Mr Chelli said the attacker was a Tunisian student and was not previously known to the security services.
"He entered by the beach, dressed like someone who was going to swim, and he had a beach umbrella with his gun in it. Then when he came to the beach he used his weapon," Mr Chelli said.

And there is more violence ....

Islamic State 'kills 120 civilians' in Kobane

Islamic State (IS) militants have killed more than 120 civilians since launching a fresh attack on the Syrian border town of Kobane, activists say.

IS "fired at everything that moved" after entering on Thursday, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
A separate IS attack on the north-eastern city of Hassakeh has displaced 60,000 people, the UN says.
Kobane became a symbol of Kurdish resistance in January after an IS siege lasting several months was repelled.
IS launched an apparent two-pronged offensive on Thursday after Kurdish fighters from the Popular Protection Units (YPG) cut off one of the militants' major supply routes near Raqqa.
Raqqa is the de facto capital of the IS "caliphate", whose creation IS announced a year ago after it captured large swathes of northern and western Iraq and parts of Syria.

'Women and children'
"According to medical sources and Kobane residents, 120 civilians were executed by IS in their homes or killed by the group's rockets or snipers," said Rami Abdel Rahman, who heads the UK-based Observatory.
He said women and children were among the bodies found inside houses and on the streets of the town, which is close to the border with Turkey.

He described it as one of the biggest massacres by the group in the country since its offensive began last summer.
The militants took the town by surprise when they launched their attack on Thursday, five months after IS was removed by Kurdish fighters backed by US-led coalition strikes.
The attack at dawn on Thursday began when militants detonated a car bomb, followed by two more bombings.

Reports said some of the militants may have hidden themselves among returning refugees and disguised themselves by wearing Kurdish militia uniforms.

In a nearby village, IS reportedly shot dead at least 20 civilians, including women and children.

And UN and the rest of the West whistle dixie….

SDR want to shout it out: Women and children and its NOT Israel but Muslims who do this! Where is the press and all the anger ? 
Where is the pity for the ongoing daily killings of kids and even toddlers
by IS?

And there is more violence ....

Somalia attack: Al-Shabab 'kills 30' at AU military base

At least 30 people have been killed after gunmen attacked an African Union military base in southern Somalia, witnesses say.
A suicide car bomber drove into the main gates of the base in Leego, along the main road connecting the capital, Mogadishu and the city of Baidoa.
The militant Islamist group al-Shabab says its fighters have taken control of the base but this is not confirmed.
Al-Shabab is battling Somalia's government for control of the country.
The base is manned by Burundian soldiers from the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom), which has more than 20,000 troops in the country.
Amisom confirmed on its Twitter account that an attack was ongoing, but has not given any details on casualtie

Leego residents have seen militants burning vehicles, carrying off weapons and removing the bodies of their fighters killed in the attack, reports Mohamed Moalimu from Mogadishu.

The governor of Lower Shabelle province told the mediathat militants had conducted at least three separate attacks in his region but that most had been repelled.
Al-Shabab has vowed to intensify attacks during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
On Wednesday, the first day of Ramadan, the United Arab Emirates ambassador survived a suicide attack on his convoy in Mogadishu.