Monday, 13 July 2015

EU - Honour killings are a growing problem, say campaigners

BBC write that Campaigners say the number of crimes in the name of so-called ''honour'' - abductions, imprisonments and murders - is growing in the UK and the rest of EU!

More than 11,000 were recorded by police forces between 2010 and 2014, according to figures obtained by the Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation.

"Honour" crimes are acts which have been committed to protect the supposed reputation of a family or community.

The same matter was exported time after time ninth media like here 2011 by BBC and no one be it UN or EU have done anything to confront religiously 
based violence. 

SDR thinks that the only thing that could bite in such a case would be to expel the person out of EU forever. For the sake of the tax payer this would be the only reasonable solution as we in Europe should not pay for expensive jail time and feed some person who has brought along some sick and twisted murder not belonging in our society.

Because that's what this is all about: It does NOT belong in Europe!

Human rights campaigners might be against this as it might take a brother and father and expel them while leaving the rest behind. This is by far not unfair as the family can anytime follow the expelled person as there is no law against leaving EU. 

In many cases the person who gets expelled try to draw out the decisions by lengthily court cases and inn some cases costing the tax payer over 300.000 Euro. Another words after a honour killing any higher or other court should not be able to allowed to process the matter unless the accused pay show ability to pay for a court case and also pay for living costs without any social services. Also most common is making trouble that someone does not want this or that country…For this US could be role model as it expels 
anyone illegal back ti his or her country of origin even if they where born in the US illegally. And if they where born in Europe legally then any nationality should be withdrawn as the person has shown he does not belong and is of danger to other women in the society. EU needs to make deals with nations like Pakistan or Bangladesh etc that they take back this sort of people.
Or face extremely strict visa requirements for all be it tourist or busyness visit´s. EU cant be aspected to carry the burdens of primitive cultures who refuse to live like modern law abiding citizens.

EU and UN should be ashamed to spend such sums on lengthily debates
while achieving anything simple that doesn’t cost the tax payer sickening amounts for some academics to throw around self created complicated 
pictures of the matter. 

After all its simple to see: If someone kills a woman for the sake of honour then the one can take his or her honour somewhere else on own costs and not the costs of hard working law abiding citizens.

EU has seen enough abuse by its generous giving and its time to say NO!

Source and video by BBC .
Written by Mike Hulden for Strategic Diplomatic Relations