Friday, 3 July 2015

Guess what: Israel DOES NOT occupy Gaza

videos by by Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs


SDR: What most people normal persons in the US and EU don’t know is that Hamas doesn’t care about Gazan´s, Hamas only cares about killing more and more Israeli civilians....

There are many choices when it comes to the ME and the matter about how to go forward. The Following video might help to put things into a more real perspective than given by  the media generally as it this video doesn't try to sell a scandal or headlines but merely tries to point out some basic and undeniable facts.

So who occupies Gaza ?
You may have heard claims that Israel's occupation of the Gaza Strip is the reason for hostilities in the region. Is this fact or fiction? Well, guess what: Israel DOES NOT occupy Gaza. It left Gaza in 2005, pulling out all its soldiers and leaving all its settlements. So who DOES occupy Gaza? Hamas. In 2007, this terrorist organization attacked the legitimate Palestinian Authority government and violently seized control of Gaza. It has ruled since then by force and without elections



The most basic facts regarding humanity are choices not laws forced upon you!
Follow your heart and follow the basic human urge for freedom of speech, freedom of region, and freedom for women to be equal.... Should honour killings be allowed or not...should female genital mutilation be allowed?

And finally should a nation not have only One Government and One Police force and One Army?  SDR asks if Palestinians can´t  achieve peace even among them self's why should Israel pay the price ?