Sunday, 26 July 2015

The reality regarding U.S Homeland Security profiling any culture or religion.....

U.S Homeland security has decided to state who is a true Muslim and who not.  Really ? Yes really! 
IS is according to U.S HS not described as Islamic terrorists even if we talk of large areas they them self's declare as the ISLAMIC STATE having no there laws but Islamic Sharia laws. IS has even having issued own coins... And along with, schools, hospitals shopping malls just like any other Arab nation.

So…If someones name is Muhammad, Ali, Abdullah, Omar, what are they? 
Is such a person  not a Muslims? 
To deny this person to be some sort of Muslim sounds very wrong indeed.
Among Muslims there are as many differences sorts as there are among other religions.
Lets look at it closer: Christian Mormons might not like Lutherans and Greek Orthodox  Christians might not like the Baptist church and more ….
In other words, Michael, Christian, Peter, or Thomas would most likely be Christian or that Moses Izchak, Mordechai, and Avi would most likely be Jewish. Pavan, Himmat or Satwant would most certainly be Hindu names ….

How can US Homeland Security say that Muslims don't think that ISIS are Muslims when most statistics show a very growing support of IS among Muslims world wide?
This has been reported on many occasions and Muslim media like Al Jazeera did confirm this as well.

For fairness sake lets at least be honest we have NOT seen the Islamic world stand up against IS calling them self's Islamist´s! Some might have done so but most choose not to dislike IS publicly. 
In fact the IS philosophy reminds us a lot of the Wahhabi Muslim ways.
And a large amount of Muslims support them according to any statistic released by anyone.

Lets take a example:
Many Muslims we know ask their wives to express their religion publicly by wearing a covered head in a Muslim fashion so hat one can spot them a mile away. If that is moderate is matter of opinion...
however anyone expressing their religion publicly is a devote believer in today's world no matter what his or he religion is, this is a fact no one can deny.

US Homeland security has no right to profile who is a Muslim. Especially not if they pray 5 times day read the same Koran as others think alcohol is Haram (bad) and eat only so called Halal food.
Neither does any Muslim nations security a right to say who is a Christian.

SDR thinks everyone has the right them self's to choose of what religion they are and that no one else has the right to dispute it no matter how painful it is.

If the U.S  is accepting the 3rd gender and same gender marriage "but not the fact that IS are practising Muslims, then U.S security in deep trouble, and with it the rest of the world!


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