Monday, 13 July 2015

Really? Iran launches “nuke Israel” video game

Where is the world opinion when this sort of sick aggressions are being rubbed into our faces? We at SDR don't see any headlines anywhere in the US or EU by the main media taking a stand against this sick Iranian provocation!

Arutz Sheva writes:
The semi-official Fars News Agency reported on Saturday that the launch of the game – entitled “Missile Strike” – was specifically timed to coincide with “Death to Israel Day,” officially known as Quds Day or Jerusalem Day, during which millions of Iranians protested in a call to destroy the Jewish state.

In the game, users launch Iranian missile attacks against the Israeli port city of Haifa, the third largest city in Israel which is home to just under 300,000 people, and which ironically has an extremely large Arab population.

Mehdi Atash Jaam, project manager of the game’s production, told Fars on Saturday that “the anti-Zionist game displays Iran’s missile power and the Zelzal, Zolfaqar and Sejjil missiles (all Iranian domestic missiles – ed.) are used by the players in the game’s first stage.”

“In this game, users break into the Zionist regime’s air defense and target Israel,” Atash Jaam said.

The project manager said that game threatening Israel with destruction was made in “retaliation for the console game, ‘Battlefield,’ that includes scenes simulating attacks on Tehran and its Milad Tower.”...