Thursday, 23 July 2015

Sweden: Muslims aggressive asylum seekers expose them selfs as radicals without facing deportation

With minorities we don’t say Muslims like they them self's usually complain they are, but the one´s not protected are actually the Christian asylum seekers.

It is old knowledge that Sweden has rejected more Christians back to Iraq than any other nation!
Why ? Because in Sweden the immigration services there are so many Muslims who can influence such….

So now finally Sweden’s supports racist  Asylum seeking Muslim Immigrants who once settled in Sweden will bring nothing

but violent Islam to the nation. That's Sweden’s way of thinking security !
With such policies it makes one wonder how Sweden is asked along others to conferences handling any security or anti terrorism

at all After all Sweden feed Islamists who later seek to fight in Syria, Somalia etc just to drive back to Sweden after decapitating

and enslaving raping and killing Christian s and Yazidi men women and children even toddlers.

The root of it all evil starts at the asylum seeking centers where terrorists and dangerous individuals should be rejected asylum.
Are they ? Hell no !

This is a reality check on Sweden’s sickening treatment of Christian asylum seekers taken from the Swedish News DN.

A group of Christian asylum seekers where threatened  and harassed by fundamentalist Islamists  asylum seekers with the outcome that the Christians had to flee to move from one of the Migration Board accommodations in Kalmar, the newspaper Östra Småland.

The Christian asylum seeking group had threats and harassment by fundamentalist Islamists so much that the  Christian asylum seekers to move from one of the Migration Board accommodations in Kalmar, the local newspaper Östra Småland writes.

We have received information from Christian families that claimed they were harassed by a group of Syrians Muslim who made the situation so bad that they could not stay there, says Mikael Lönnegren, deputy head of the Migration Board's premises in Kalmar County to DN.

The racist Muslim harassing and threatening must have occurred on accommodation in Mönsterås where the majority of the approximately 80 asylum seekers from Syria. 

The newspaper Östra Småland, writes that the Christian group have been subjected to both threats and harassment, among other things, they did not have Christian symbols, like crosses around their necks, and were not welcome in the common areas when the aggressive Muslim group made sure that they only could be in: In other words showers toilets and kitchen and washrooms etc… This has to be said in order not to marginalise this as a small matter.

This even escalated without any Swedish asylum center staff doing anything for the Christians so the situation actually became so threatening that the Christian group feared for his own safety and moved from there.

Sweden has laws against aggressive dogs being kept in in leash! But not one law against more dangerous Muslims asylum seekers !
this is sweetness reality today!

The atmosphere became too intimidating. And they got no help, says a source familiar with the operation told the newspaper.
Michael Lönnegren confirm that Christian families have moved. Mr Lönnegren doesn’t feel one bit ashamed to tell that they chose themselves to organise new address and moved away without our participation because they felt a discomfort, he says. 
We wish to remind Mr Lönnegren that its the authorities role to see that the Muslims don’t take over a Refugee center and that its also their duty to see 
that all are equally treated and not like now where Muslim asylum seekers can intimidate their surrounding!

We at SDR feel proud to say it loud that Sweden should deny visa to aggressive and radical persons and not let the weal suffer !
Swedish stance towards minorities is a joke at best. Jews must fear for their safety today in Sweden no less than the days when Hitter was coming to power.

The Migration Board tells they takes seriously the threats and have been out on the facility to provide information about Swedish law so similar cases does not happen again. We ask how as the is pressure on the asylum accommodations are hard all over the country, and In Kalmar County is 3,300 places are usually fully booked.

According to Mikael Lönnegren police have not been contacted about the threats, and the Migration Board will not make any own investigation.
Michael Lönnegren further tells: We cant do any more as they moved voluntarily, but we are always responsive if applicants feel insecure and asks that one should make a police report. Its truly unfair and a most sickening comment as we just try to imagine how intimidated the refugees must feel  as they are a minority at home in Syria were genocide of Christians is a common fact in the media! Then to come to place in Sweden just to experience the same must be 
a rather traumatic experience.

That asylum seekers are in conflict about religion on the Migration Board's accommodation is unusual, says Lönnegren forgetting that the Christians so far never have been the aggressors but it mainly Muslims who are the majority anywhere at any Migration Board accommodations
Only a few cases have been reported…. Naturally not because the asylum seekers can see the ad reality and so can we after reading Swedes newspaper DN.

Mr Lönnegren tells further: There is neither any breakdown in the ethnicity or religion of the work centers. We assume that those fleeing to obtain a haven in our country also respect our country's laws. when they come here, says Mikael Lönnegren.

We at SDR ask if this is a joke, as it takes a lifetime to understand Swedish so called moderate thinking and laws. Many Adult immigrants who we at SDR know personally who arrived in the 80s still don’t understand it and also refuses to live as Swedes. Speaking for the fact is that most Muslims want to move to places like Göteborg or Malmö where there are so large Muslim population that Christians at schools many times are the minority today.