Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Reason why many Canadian Students will have negative memories regarding Islam and Muslims

Alberta’s leading independent school, the Webber Academy, was just ordered by that province's so-called "Human Rights Commission" to pay $26,000 to the families of two Muslim students who were refused permission to pray in that non-denominational school.

The Academy that has as a policy that no religion should be practiced on its grounds for all students equally.  The students are free at any time leave the grounds and go to a Mosque or what ever place of worship they wish...

Just try to imagine "what if" ...  out of the blue two Muslim families insists that they should have special rights to pray in a own room, and goes to court because the Academy has a non religious practice rule on its grounds.

How does these Muslims think they will be treated equally and with respect when  they go to court 
and the court orders the  Academy  has to pay a large sum to the two Muslim families.
This in turn affects the Academies funding capacity to give out scholarships etc….

Let´s wish some kind soul tells the Muslims that acceptance and mutual respect is not a Christmas gift but matter that has to be earned!

What would it have taken for the Muslim students to move their prayer carpets a few meters outside campus and pray there ?  Nothing !  Because fact remains that, in most of the Muslims world they don’t need a prayer room at their school and working place….

Its perfectly normal for Muslims to preach outside anywhere in the world as seen here...

We at SDR wishe the Canadians "Human Rights Commission" see these images 
And hopefully learn that Muslims all over the world pray anywhere and don't 
need a room.

Sources: Rebel media - Jack Abraham Las vegas US.