Friday, 3 July 2015

UK: BBC´s policy is not to insult ISIL

The U.K. government has condemned the BBC for comments that it does not wish to give "the impression of support" for opponents of the Islamic State.

The head of the BBC, Lord Hall, made the comments in response to a petition from 120 members of Parliament that requested the media agency refer instead to the militant group instead as "Daesh," an Arabic pejorative term for them. 

Use of the term Daesh "would not preserve the BBC's impartiality," 
Lord Hall replied in a letter that has sparked an uproar.

"The word Daesh is not an acronym...but is instead a pejorative name coined in Arabic by its enemies," wrote Hall, adding that the BBC takes their lead on how to identify groups based on how they refer to themselves. His comments have sparked an intense backlash and earned the condemnation of the U.K. government in the wake of the Tunisian attacks. 

We at SDR think its high time the UK Government takes responsibility abut what BBC writes in the name of British Broadcasting.  Maybe The lord should be let "Lording away"  and give space for someone who has more decency and respect for victims of terror. After all the Islamic State took credit for the attacks which killed 30 Britons and many more from other nations.

Sadly BBC has a very sad track record when it comes to correcting non Muslim´s as seen here below. ..Where was the Lords correctness then ?