Monday, 13 July 2015

UK: Islamic Cleric said to be behind Tunisian beach massacre is living on benefits in Britain!

Hani-al-Sibai, described as a 'key influencer' of Tunisian terror group, lives in a £1 million house on a leafy street in fashionable west London.

Egyptian-born Hani al-Sibai, Egyptian schooled Sharia lawyer and defence attorney it was his defence of Islamists, that got him into trouble with the Egyptian government.  Egypt proved in court he was one of the fourteen members of the shura of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, and convicted him in absentia  and sentenced him to 15 years imprisonment.  In response, he fled to the United Kingdom where he was later arrested and accused of membership in al-Jihad. Believe it or not the same man now ,lives in London with the status of a political refugee.

Hani-al-Sibai, remains in London, England as efforts to deport him have failed. A fact that proves that UK laws regarding the terrorists today are in dire need of being made more effective and stop wasting tax payers money endlessly.
Quite frankly why should the UK pay for any of his trials when he lives like a king but is registered as refugee.
He is just for instance suspected by many into terrorist professionals as the al-Qaeda cleric suspected of radicalising "Jihadi John” who is known from many videos as the Westerner who decapitated for instance a innocent western aide worker. 
Hani-al-Sibai is also said to be one of the "key influencers" of the Islamic fanatics believed to have recruited and trained gunman Seifeddine Rezgui who recently killed innocent tourists on a Tunisian beach.

In a court case last year, he was accused of having "provided material support to al-Qaeda and conspired to commit terrorist acts", an allegation he denies….

Reality: Hani al-Sibai, 54,lives on £50,000 a year in handouts, disability living allowance, with his wife and five children. Dear tax payer this man lives in a £1 million house leafy street in fashionable west London.
And you pay for it!

Asked how he could justify taking so much in benefits, Hani al-Sibai, who is under investigation suspected of benefit fraud, told the Daily Mail: "Ask David Cameron, don't ask me."

Hani al-Sibai is not short of costumes or hats for any occasion

Keith Vaz, chairman of the home affairs select committee, said he was writing to Home Secretary Theresa May to demand an explanation as to why Hani al-Sibai is still in the country.
Tory MP Peter Bone added: "This is the sort of thing that drives my constituents mad. I expect the Home Secretary to deal with this urgently. There is a very strong case for him to be deported. He needs to be dealt with."

The Department for Work and Pensions said: "People who commit, plan and support acts of terror will be prosecuted and anyone who has been deported or sent to prison will lose their benefits.' 

The Home Office said: 'We do not routinely comment on individual cases." Information or not the law has been broken!  Question remains will the UK once again let a islamist cost the state and the tax payer hundreds of thousands of pound´s because some bureaucrats fail to work as hard as the men who pay then taxes.

After all if someone is caught enough many times with the fingers in the cookie jar, its not a mere assumption that the person is out for to get the cookies!