Saturday, 25 July 2015

What US receive for giving Iran the Nuclear power endorsement : Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei Reaffirms "Death to America" Slogan, and Calls to Bring U.S. Leaders to Trial!

No matter what President Obama and Kerry thinks they have no pride in the eyes of the Iran leaders!

How else can the sort of things be spoken out loud as here in the video?
We just show it - But you be the judge!

In a July Tehran public address to mark Id Al-Fitr, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei reaffirmed the "Death to America" slogan, saying that it reflects the position of the entire Iranian nation. In the address, which aired on IRINN TV, Khamenei is seen holding a rifle. In an address to diplomats and dignitaries on the same day, broadcast on Iranian Channel 1, Khamenei claimed that the U.S., rather than Iran, is the defender of terrorism, and said: "you should be brought to trial for supporting and assisting terrorism."

source memri tv.