Thursday, 9 July 2015

You tell how Israel should make peace with this Palestinian Official who thinks ‘There is No Jewish People’

Just imagine a so called peace loving Palestinian representative or more specifically A PLO official stated that: 
There is no such thing as the Jewish people!
For most of us the sort of rhetoric found here belongs in the past Apartheid era South Africa or Hitlers 3rd Reich … 
Not to mention the silence of the Lambs or in should one call them the politically correct politicians who shamefully once again just sit there and say nothing.  Where did politically correct for all suddenly disappear ?

What sort of peace forum denies the existence of any man ?
Addressing a so-called peace forum, PLO Ambassador to Chile Imad Nabil Jada’a stated that there is no Jewish people and that the PLO would never recognize the Jews as such. He cited anti-Semitic writings to validate his statements.

Jada’a made the offensive remarks at the Conference for Peace in Palestine and Israel on May 15 in Santiago, Chile.

Recounting his version of the history of Zionism, he said that in 1896, “a group of academic intellectuals, financial advisers, majority being non-Jewish Europeans, decided to create the Zionist movement with one pretext/excuse: the creation of a homeland for the Jewish people. Although the truth is that this [the goal] is to protect their plans of dominating life in the entire planet.”

Sure such idiocracy gives space for anyone to invent anything ...In our so called advanced civilisation there should be now pace for people thinking that any old racist matter is a fact.
This said when the IS even rethinks to take down good old Dixie.

Are we the only ones at SDR who see how ridiculous and outrageous our leaders one sided bias is? 
This is no less than how the western leaders did ignore he existence of concentration camps until it was to late ...

United for Israel quote this man of using all sorts of lunatic pseudo academic rhetoric's but we think there is no need to pollute our minds with such any further than necessary.

All we ask is: Where is the media outcry when a Palestinian tells out in the open that there is no such thing as Jewish people. No where ! Not in the politically correct  US and not in the politically correct EU.
Just imagine for the sake of justice and fair that a western politician or Ambassador would tell to a audience that there are no Muslims just because he has read this or that old book claiming so.
There would be a outcry around the world by Muslims wanting him to recall his claim.
Now this is no less! 

I don't know where goodness has disappeared and where human rights have been thrown along with civil behaviours...Has western civilisation finally ceased to exist?

According to Max Gelber for United with Israel the only ones reacting and responding to Jada’a’s inflammatory remarks, was the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy, which exposed Jada’a’s speech,
with a long and far to academic statement that no one will read without falling asleep.This as 99.9 % of the people are not interested in academic pedigree but in easy to understand facts.

Any basis for peace would require putting an end to Palestinian incitement
But such matter has been ongoing the many decades and sadly we at SDR don't think there will be and end 
to this, unless some responsible leaders in the west will take action and condemn this blatant expression of hate.”
as much as any other blatant hate speech.

Hate is hate and Palestine and the Arab and Iranian world is regretfully not short of such comments daily.

- This is Iran -

- This is Palestine - 

Maybe some day some wise Minister in the US or EU will get a Arabic translator who can translate the millions of defaming and degrading comments thought to Muslim children who now grow up with a very bizarre view on Christianity and Jews.

Here a small list of examples :

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