Thursday, 6 August 2015

Daesh executed 2000 Iraqis in two weeks and no one cares !!!!

Somewhere in the Kurdistan Region....

Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) executed more than 2000 people within two weeks in the Iraqi city of Mosul, said Ghias Surji, spokesman of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). 

“Daesh (IS) executed more than 2000 residents in Mosul in the last two weeks, mostly governmental employees,” Surji said in a statement. 

“Daesh published lists of the victims’ names on the walls of police station in Somer district, east Mosul, warning families of the victims to claim their sons’ bodies,” the source added.

The victims were arrested during the past two weeks in Nineveh, and later killed by firing squad.

Speaking to ARA News, Iraqi activist Ahmed Mohammed said: “IS terrorists execute governmental employees on charges of apostasy and involvement in fighting the alleged caliphate, whereas most of those employees have been struggling for years to support their families with a governmental salary.”
“Anyone who refuses to swear allegiance to the group is being punished on baseless charges,” Mohammad said. “Mosul has paid a lot of blood over the recent years of IS rule.”

Source: ARA News