Wednesday, 26 August 2015

EU Migrants and asylum seekers invasion starts getting violent

This week the tendencies in EU regarding violence and the migration flood are becoming a fact that the officials don't do anything about.


Just recently A Somali Migrant from a refugee center who was rejected asylum  attacked a Swedish woman and her adult son with with Knifes on display at the local Ikea shop where they all where shopping...As a matter of fact the fact the attack was with great certainty the result of a rejected asylum decision by the Swedish immigration services...


Brawl breaks out at asylum seekers’ centre in Eastern Finland Security has been stepped up at the Joutseno Reception Centre, which is packed to capacity – as are most others around the nation.

Officials on Monday reported a disturbance at the Joutseno Reception Centre for asylum seekers in eastern Finland. They say that on Friday some 20-30 people who had received deportation orders tried to assault another asylum seeker. 

This individual was being transferred to another centre in a car when the group attached the vehicle.
Reception Centre Director Jari Kähkönen describes the situation as “threatening”. Several police patrols were called to the scene to restore calm.
Kähkönen says the attackers were failed asylum seekers who are to be deported in late September. There are about 100 people at the facility who have received deportation orders.

The director told Yle on Monday that the atmosphere at the centre remains restless. An extra security guard has been hired, as the 300-bed facility is packed to capacity – as most of the others around the country. This year Finland has received the largest influx of asylum seekers since the all-time peak year of 1993.


Four dead in shootout in Roma camp

Four people have been killed in a shootout at a Roma camp in north-eastern France, police say.
Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve told reporters those killed "in cold blood" included a six-month-old baby, a man and a woman.
Reports said a police officer died from his wounds shortly after the incident. Another policeman was injured.
The violence took place in the northern town of Roye, about 110km (70 miles) north of Paris.
It is unclear what provoked the incident.
Witnesses told the AFP news agency that a fight broke out in the camp and one of the men involved began shooting when police arrived at the scene.
The gunman was said to be in a serious condition after being shot by police.
The local Courrier Picard newspaper reported that security forces had sealed off the area.
President Francois Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls expressed shock over the incident.
"My thoughts are with the families, with the victims and the policeman killed in the service of France," Mr Valls tweeted (in French).
In a statement, Mr Hollande hailed the "courage and commitment" of the police officers who responded to the incident.


A matter of teargas today...

Police in Hungary have used tear gas to disperse migrants protesting at a reception camp on the Serbian border. Unrest flared at a crowded reception centre at Roszke.
Footage showed migrants in the camp shouting "UN" and "Help us!" before police used tear gas on the crowd.


Today 50 dead and 450 found alive ...

About 50 people have been found dead in the hold of a boat carrying migrants intercepted off the coast of Libya, the Italian coastguard says.

About 430 people had been rescued alive from the boat, a spokeswoman told Reuters news agency.
The rescue operation was carried out by a Swedish vessel, Poseidon, working with the EU's Frontex border agency.

Thousands of migrants have died and many thousands more have been rescued after setting sail from Libya recently. 

The ones profiting of this are mainly criminal gangs and as well IS who infiltrate the west with ready radicalized killers ...

Wednesday's rescue operation was one of 10 such missions currently taking place in the waters off Libya, the Italian coastguard spokeswoman said.

Right now the smugglers based in Libya are taking advantage of calmer seas to send more boatloads of migrants towards European shores....

European officials do absolutely nothing to prevent this storm at the places where the people are shipped off. HTT (Helsinki Think Tank) tells us that it could largely be avoided if the united EU would use commercial media and social media to show the truth and how bad it is for the ones who are stranded
in Turkey or Greece.  According to HTT Sweden is damaging the the already strained efforts to stop this invasion to EU by telling the media how its open to take more refugees . This sort of message encourages the criminal smuggling gangs and human trafficking gangs and terrorist organisations alike to stress the NON SWEDISH BORDERS !
Sweden is not the land who is the recipient of  all the refugees heading to EU but Italy, Greece and other nations who barely manage them self's economically. Sweden comments in the media damages the almost bankrupt Greek economy even further. For Sweden's leaders to act so selfishly is sad as it shows how little the Swedes are actually backing heir fellow Europeans finding a sustainable solution for all equally.

So far this year, more than 2,000 migrants have died trying to cross the sea to Europe, the UN says.
This might be true but in the same breath we would like to remind you that UN does not urge to save the Christians in the Middle east who have been hunted like wild animals and killed tortured and slaved by Muslims as a ongoing process ....The little number of the 2000 refugees mentioned by UN is like a  "drop in the sea"  compared to the disappearing Christians! 

Let's not forget how he west did I've Hitler free hands to kill off almost every Jew in Europe.
This is happening again all over just that the killers are Muslims and the victims are mainly Christians.

The UN simply just care about Muslims it seems and looking at the numbers who can deny this to be the sad truth!

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