Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Really ? Belgium: Protests over anti-Islam film erupt in Antwerp... While Muslims defame the West openly on TV daily.

Is there anything we can do any longer without Muslims going to the streets shouting and protesting ?

One might think they don't read the daily news with the French killings and more killings in the past as it has become an almost daily occurrence like in Sweden also just recently where a Somali man killed a Woman and her son just because he didn't get his will ! (In this case a immigrant visa) 

It makes us at SDR sick to the bone to see how far the Muslims of EU think they can go without any local anger turning on them because of this daily killings all over. If we are wrong then tell us where the god deeds are 
by Muslims or even just one Muslim please.

So now again Muslims are very very angry and protest in Belgium like it would be,Saudi Arabia or Syria or some Islamic nation....
But no they think they are beyond criticism !!! Really, "that's how it is right now... as Muslims rally in Antwerp against a film that criticises Islam and has sparked protests around the world. 

This while the Muslims all over the Islamic world do far worse videos or films
about Western Christians and Jews etc..

See it here:

MEMRI:  Saudi Author Expresses His Opinion About Westerners

And How about speaking publicly promoting to spread Anthrax on the white House lawn.
Why does the US or other western media not report of this? What you hear here is exactly that.

And finally a video taken some years back and show´s you what a US prosecutor
thinks when he hears what Anjem Choudhry has to tell on  Live TV by CNN