Saturday, 1 August 2015

The Best Reality Check on US Foreign Policy for Decades: The Obama doctrine

It is not everyday that we hear about someone realising how a wheel is built. But it does happen at very rare occasions. Today we present you with one such moment in time. Dr. Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum (MEF) says that there's a coherent strategy underpinning the apparent chaos we're witnessing around the world, especially in the Middle East. Many have presented esteemed academic in depth analysis reports taking up space with ink horn terms rather than hitting the needle on the head tells  Helsinki Think Tank Chairman Mike Hulden.  Adding that the truth is something that can be explained very simply or its a lie.

In this video Dr. Daniel Pipes explains that the situation makes sense if viewed through the lens of an "Obama doctrine": "Snarl at your friends, smile at your enemies."  Some matters that Dr Pipes describes are maybe wrongly named as Dr Pipes is an proud American and not a person who did see for instance Europe up close
as he tells : Part of it is incompetence on the President's, but much of what's happening is the direct result of Obama's anti-American ideology ,and even his personal psychology. In other words go back in time and after the US 60s hippie and black panther generation move to social Democratic Sweden....and you will see that what President Obama does is almost identical with Swedish foreign policy. 

With one big exception! US has enormous new markets for arms sales via the Obama doctrine!
Mr Pipes forgets entirely to mention that by changing the ME policy President Obama has gone form less arms to a arms sales frenzy as he leaves openly Israel and gives so called Satan´s personal dictatorship nuclear power creating the need for the same all over the Gulf in order to protect them self's!

Mr Obama has created a attack dog that bites all his friends for the sake of arms sales while satisfying the republicans on this matter he ensures his place as a endemic player even if he would loose the upcoming election. Sad fact is that the US won't five up a open gate of sales once its open.....

No matter how we look at it the Dr.Pipes analysis is bringing us up very close to the Obama doctrine, as he proves the fact that Obama actually follows a pattern of thinking that we here n SDR wish to call Swedologizing foreign policies.

The following  thought-provoking, in-depth interview covers a lot of ground: From the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia and much more....Enjoy the: Tour d´horizon!