Wednesday, 26 August 2015

US planes violated Finnish airspace

This marks the second foreign encroachment of the year following an incursion by a Russian aircraft in June, reports the Finnish ministry of defence.

Two American C-17 military transport planes are suspected of violating Finnish airspace on Sunday evening, the 
Ministry of Defence says.  The apparent violation took place south of the maritime Island province of Åland.
See the maps below to get an idea of where they are strategically situated....

"Around five o’clock, pm  two US transport aircraft violated Finnish airspace for about a quarter of an hour. They were C-17 aircraft," Defence Ministry communications director Mr. Max Arhippainen told Finnish State broadcasting, shortened as Yle on Sunday evening.

According to the ministry, the American planes were flying westward. 
Mr. Max Arhippainen said that the Border Guard is investigating the incident.

"We’ll decide on follow-up measures based on their conclusions," he added. 
The ministry issued a statement about the incident around 9 pm.
"Usually we study quite carefully what has happened before we make an announcement, and confirm the news," Arhippainen noted.  He said that this was the second suspected violation of Finland’s airspace this year.
"After Midsummer [in late June], a Russian plane crossed briefly into Finnish territory. 
This was the second violation this year," said Arhippainen.