Wednesday, 23 September 2015

EU: Patriotic Finns protest and block a road for Muslim refugees

        The Lappish city of Tornio Finns shouted; Aid "NO" to the Muslim "refugees" 
        who are now pouring into the nation from Sweden. 
        They went on to protest what many call an invasion by blocking a road......

        Sweden has spoken out in public that they take the refugees however in reality 
        they have started to send over "so called refugees"to Finland. 
        First via Lapland and nowise well  via the Cruise ships for Sweden.
        If this wasn't the truth then the so called refugees would hardly arrive to Finland 
        from Sweden.

        Right now many Finns are getting sick and tired of paying all the time higher taxes 
        while mainly Muslim "so called refugees" keep pouring in like there is no tomorrow.
        Finns have been told about the war in Syria being the cause but now we see that most 
        refugees are not even from there! But from Afghanistan and Iraq and even Somalia.