Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The European Politicians against "a headless Syrian mass-migration" to EU do exist....

Just as Mr Cameron gave the sad fact  to the media that 2 of 100 migrants are ISIS fighters a few are as unaffected by this like we would talk about a flue for instance Germany´s Merkel goes on like nothing has changed and the same does Sweden….
Other EU nations should have been consulted before giving out open invitations as not everyone wishes to have a large group of people who hardy are known to integrate like other minorities and who seldom will find a job. And lastly quite a few will be radical Islamist fighters who have already killed Christians and yazidi´s in Syria and Iraq. 
This group hardly brings along a multi culture we need at all.

France: Taking all refugees into EU would be victory for Islamic State

France warned on Tuesday that it would be a mistake for Europe to take in all refugees persecuted by Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq, and called for a plan to ensure the Middle East's diversity remained despite the crisis.
About 60 countries, including ministers from Iraq, Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon, met in Paris on Tuesday to agree measures aimed at easing the return of refugees, encouraging regional governments to bring minorities into the political fold and ensure no impunity for those guilty of crimes against humanity.

"It's very difficult, but if all these refugees come to Europe or elsewhere, then Daesh has won the game," French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told RTL radio, using an Arabic name for Islamic State.

"The objective (of this conference) is that the Middle East remains the Middle East, that means a region of diversity where there are Christians, Yazidis, etc," he said.

Speaking after the conference, Fabius said several countries would announce financial pledges in the coming months for projects ranging from reconstruction of infrastructure to restoring basic services or training local police.
He said France had decided to give a further 25 million euros of aid on top of the 100 million euros ($112 million) it already gives. The money will be used for projects including mine clearance in the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani or housing in Erbil in the autonomous Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Responding to calls by U.N. agencies for more funding in neighbouring countries, Fabius said 15 million euros would be set aside for refugee camps in the region.

"There is a humanitarian urgency," President Francois Hollande said at the opening of the conference.
"If we do not offer more help to the countries that welcome (refugees), if we do not give more support to the families that are in these refugee camps or are displaced in neighbouring countries, then not only will there be tragedies ... but there will be this exodus."

France began reconnaissance flights over Syria on Tuesday with a view to launching air strikes against Islamic State. It also plans to welcome 24,000 Syrian refugees from camps in the Middle East over the next two years.

Tory MP Sir Bill Cash calls Syrian refugees a 'tsunami' that could 'swamp Europe'

A Conservative MP has referred to refugees fleeing the Middle East as a “tsunami” that could “swamp Europe”.
Sir Bill Cash, the chair of parliament’s European Scrutiny Committee, accused Britain’s European allies of not doing enough to prevent people from travelling to the continent. He boasted that Britain had done more.

“Germany, despite all the hype, has not done anywhere like as well as the United Kingdom in respect to the money we’ve provided to the world food programme,” he said in the House of Commons.

“Some of their policies have clearly been orientated to assisting their own internal economic problems and [the Home Secretary] should have a word with her counterpart to ensure that Germany does actually step up to the mark in doing the sort of things that are going to help stop the tsunami of millions of people who could well come over here and swamp Europe.

Germany’s vice-chancellor has said it could cope with taking a million refugees this year, and around half a million for the next few years.
The UK has by comparison pledged to take 4,000 refugees a year and opted out of the EU’s relocation scheme. Britain has however provided more financial aid to the region than most other countries.

Sir Bill's’s hydraulic metaphor for refugees travelling to Europe echoes a widely criticised comment by David Cameron last month, who described the people as a “swarm”.

Former Ukip MEP Janice Atkinson said earlier this month that Syria refugees were simply "a massive crisis of illegal immigration which must be resisted for what it is".

In response to Sir Bill's question, Home Secretary Theresa May said direct aid to the war-torn region was important because it would prevent the number of people wanting to leave.
“I think we can be justifiably proud of what we have done in this … I think we’re actually giving about double what German gives in aid to refugees in the region,” she said.
“The reason that is important is because it helps people stay in the region where many people want to be and that they are not encouraged to make the perilous journey which we have seen sadly, including for some very young children, has led to their loss of life.”

Britain offers warship to tackle people smugglers in Mediterranean

A British warship could be used to target people traffickers in the Mediterranean as part of European Union efforts to tackle a growing migrant crisis, the Ministry of Defence said on Wednesday.

The government said it was offering the ship to board, seize and destroy vessels in international waters off the coast of Libya, where smugglers have taken advantage of political turmoil to ship thousands of illegal migrants to Europe.

British Royal Navy ships have been involved in rescuing migrants but the government said it wanted to do more.
"The Royal Navy has rescued thousands of people from peril but we've been clear we have to tackle the gangs behind this, which is why it's important the mission moves to the next phase," said Defence Secretary Michael Fallon in a statement.

"We will not stand by and let this smuggling trade escalate; we will confront this criminal activity which risks the lives of innocent people every day."

Fallon said the ship, HMS Richmond, was ready to deploy as soon as it was given approval by the EU.