Saturday, 26 September 2015

Finland where some Migrants flee the other direction

Hundreds of migrants have now begun to make their way away from Finland!
"It's cold here, no restaurants, no bars," One refugee was quoted saying. 
Several have now successfully return to Sweden, others warn friends on Facebook:
"You can tell the world - I hate Finland. 
"Violent protests and KKK costumes is not what we awaited ....

"There is no restaurants, no bars, no people on the streets in Finland......
Hundreds of migrants, mostly Iraqis, who have made the long and expensive journey to leave their country to arrive in Europe and to get to Finland, now find themselves turning back and say they do not want to stay in the North-European country that is "cold and boring". 
Some migrants have begun to cross the border back to Sweden in about an hour's drive from the Arctic Circle, and authorities in Finland have reported a sharp increase in asylum applications dismissed......

"You can tell the world that I hate Finland", said Mohammed, 22,  at a border town..
His opinion about the Finnish arctic circle is :
"It is too cold, no tea, no restaurants, no bars, no one on the streets just a vehicle."

Muhammad has already arrived to the border that lays about 750 miles away from Helsinki just 
to go back to cross to Sweden.  Migrants who do not have perfect papers can not take ferries 
from Helsinki to Stockholm. 

Another group of 15 Iraqi refugees who were waiting at a bus stop, from the same border town  
at the Finnish border, also said they want to return to southern Sweden. 
"Finland is not good," they all agreed.

Here the horrifying man with a homemade cardboard cone and bedsheets dress....

Sweden has a larger immigrant communities in Cities like Gothenburg in light of the long history of integration, it goes so far as Malmo, Gothenburg and some other places have a majority of Muslims!

Last week, several busloads of migrants made a U-turn back to Sweden after seeing hundreds of Finns are building "human wall" on the Finnish side to demonstrate against the sudden influx.

An anti-migratory sentiment in Finland has an outcome of many immigrants to leaving the country, Some international media write its he Finns Party that has caused the anti migrant sentiments.
But as a matter of fact, the main leader of the Finns party Mr. Soini is largely considered by many in Finland to be a turncoat and a selfish traitor to his own cause.
He as well did protest the KKK man who was alone and rather funnily had made is dress of a paper cone and bed sheets.........

What actually happened? two days ago about 40 people, including one man dressed as in a home made KKK drees made of his linen and some cardboard and scoth-tape, threw fireworks at a bus of asylum seekers on their way to a  reception center in the city of Lahti . 

Media lies!
Foreign press however is clearly lying about an alleged  50 year old man throwing a bomb at a building housing the refugees... All we at SDR know of are new years fire works that hardly can be called bombs ........

Cancel asylum requests
Its hard to know exactly how many immigrants make their way back to Sweden, because some do not even registered in Finland before leaving the country. 
According to the head of the Finnish Immigration Service, last week, many requests to register expired. About 200 Iraqi civilians that were awaited have never have been seen. 
In other words, the asylum seeker removed the application or has disappeared......'

Finland has recorded more than 14 thousand asylum seekers so far this year, and expects that 
by the end of the year will register about 30 thousand refugees 8 times more than last year writes foreign media ...However we at  SDR reported yesterday that the real amount is a 500 asylum seekers a day which makes it a 3.500 a week which makes it: 14.000 asylum seekers per month!
take this sum and ad it time 12 and you see that we actually talk of 144.000 asylum seekers a year!
That are all mainly Muslims.  So far we have not seen any Yazidi's or Christians that actually 
really would need the asylum places.

See here below the so called newly arrived asylum seekers all with mobile phones and a taxi driver
as well reported many asylum seekers taking taxi´s hundreds of miles and paying in cash out of large
bundles of cash. He also told that he was told don't worry we have more than enough money and tells
he did see the large bundles of cash many a time ......

Local media reported that Iraqi immigrants began to upload photos and videos from Helsinki to a Salafi Facebook page 
where  immigrants, try to dissuade others from coming. 

The Finnish  border is out of control, "said Kirsti, a 66-year-old local pensioner" I am afraid all this time and avoid going to shop in the evenings because we do not know who these people are. "

"Dark men roam the streets"
Some local business owners blamed the "dark men" of theft and harassment of women, but others say they just have not caused any problems. "I have not seen any distractions, but I do not know why they come here despite even the locals leave town," said Matti  outside his shoe maker shop situated at the city's minimal main street.

Earlier this week, authorities in Finland have opened a Tornio registration center, where immigrants are asked to register with the entry before they are sent to absorption centers around the country. 

The Finnish government has now (much too late) sent dozens of police officers, border guards, customs officials and military forces to help the border, where one can freely cross between Sweden and Finland since the '60s.

Buses of immigrants from Sweden went straight to the registration centers, and police dogs and soldiers were standing by to make sure that all is happening correctly. However  Finnish authorities are concerned that housing for all immigrants if the pace of entry will continue as it is now, despite the fact that every week opened new facilities.

Some locals said that the entry of migrants puts too big a burden on the state experienced its own economic crises.
 "We need to close the border and check out who these people are," said Eero who  organized the demonstration against migrants at the border. "Iraqis should just be sent directly back to their country because it is not now at war".

And this is exactly what the majority of Finns think except the politicians naturally....