Friday, 25 September 2015

Finland's normal people are angry ...

Today we read that the Finnish news reports that each day arrives 500 refugees to Finland 

that has the size of Israel in other words its not little as we have high unemployment and 
even tenth Finn in Helsinki needs help to pay for the rent.

In the same time the news tremors of a few local citizens (most likely drunk) who did all

they could to blow of steam ...One alone man dressed up in bed sheets and a paper cone with holes for the eyes trying to look like looks rather ridiculous than frightening.

See the original story here:

To anyone here its a like a joke but actually is the direct outcome of the indifference and ignoring

of what Finns want. And no one we know wants more Muslims here !

What makes Fins angry we ask time and time again.?

Lets look at a report from the City of Kouvola 2 days ago.where asylum seekers where going and knocking door to door begging for money and Cigarettes and food even they get more than enough food at the improvised asylum center.

And to say if frankly the locals where furious!

See link herein Finnish:

Facts now is that Finnish police will give out tickets for disturbing immigrants ..This will naturally just increase the reactions and so to the conclusion:

If you throw a stone into a mud pool the splash won't go into  certain direction!

So what has made Finns so angry ?

Well today's news asked it they became upset by the new years rockets and noticed made by the small group an Arab Iraqi dressed very fashionably answered: No it did not disturb as we think its just a small incidence ....We heard in Iraq the words by the Finnish Prime Minister how he gives his 2nd house up for immigrants so then we decided to leave !
See link to interview here in Arabic and Finnish:
Turvapaikanhakija Lahden välikohtauksesta: 

Please note that the words by PM Sipilä was the trigger for him and his friends to come to Finland!

Thanks Mr Sipilä you try have made Finns angry especially when every tenth family or person in Helsinki is depending on social help to manage too pay for rent!
See here screen shot of the news and link to the fact:
Joka kymmenes helsinkiläiskoti saa asumistukea | Yle Uutiset |

Finnish secret police SUPO is giving a report to the news that they are worried about the unrest....

See original story inn Finnish here:
Supo huolissaan väkivaltaisista mielenilmauksista 

Question: Are there any neo nazi´s or radical movement´s?

Well there are no organized protests of Neo-Nazi's here, and people just in general are utterly fed up and angry for higher taxes while the government lets in people who don't look poor and who in one of the latest media have been described as mostly fakes by a genuine Iraqi refugee who did tell the news without hesitation that most just come to part and enjoy easier life but not because they are in any danger! He had asked Iraqis allegedly from Mosul from where they are as he is from that city and his mother still is there. The so called refugee could not even tell what part of the city he was from and just as little as he had told the truth the genuine refugee said that most of the so called refugees have trouble back home but when asked why they don't fix it they did not answer...
To him and many other refugees we have talked to real political refugees hardly look like fashion statements and the faces show sadness and fear and abuse....
The same refugee told as well the media that his trip cost roughly as following:
Secret smuggling from Iran to Turkey 7000 Dollars. 
Secret smuggling from Iraq to Finland 12.000 dollars.

 but they should worry about masses of people

agreeing that 500 Arabs day (see link here below) this makes 3.500 Arabs in a week and 14.000 a month and 148.000 Arabs a year.....
Finns don't want this religion to grow in Finland as all they bring is violence and intolerance against Christian and modern values like equal rights for women and religion and many many more matters.

500 asylum seekers a day ..original link

Were are the really needy? Namely the Christians ? 

We asked a refugee and they are no where to be seen and he to wonder why only Muslims are taken in? Is Finland really that racist ? If anyone would do a statistic of the last 20 years Finland would stand out like South Africa when it comes too discrimination of Christians.

This fact no one dares to challenge in Finland and so Mr Soini and other so called anti Immigration politicians have been revealed selfish voter hungry careerists riding on the common mans anger against the traditional politicians who do nothing against what seems to be Muslim only quota among refugee s who suddenly without any reason become immigrants.

The so called True Finnish party with Mr. Soini  have lost most of its support within absolutely no time at all. And guess what their leader Mr. Soini today was upset about one most likely drunk white power loving Finn with a paper coon on his head ...imitating KKK protesting with a Finnish flag while not upset about the 500 un-screened Iraqis and Afghans etc coming here ...

See his original comment here in Finnish by Mr Soini:

Soini Hennalan Ku Klux Klan -kuvasta: "Suomen lipun liittäminen siihen on kuvottavaa"

Does the Arabs bring be rich Multi-culture?

Arabs actually don't bring anything we can use!  Arabs don't bring anything noble along, instead of women rights or religious rights they bring honour killings and non tolerance towards Jews and other religions. They now arriving Arabs have only one mater in mind, and that is to continue to live like before! But with more money. In other words they are only victims of their own greed.
The true victims like Christians and Yazidi's you won't find along the now storming Arab hordes...Why ?  Because the real victims have had no money to pay this sort of expensive escape!

As I'm writing this many Christian groups are lobbying in the US right now to get UN to recognise the Christian genocide by Muslims in the Middle East and Pakistan and the Islamic nations and not just ISIS!

What irritates anyone professional is when Finnish news is playing intelligence analysis specialists.

Here a link to a story that asks are there ISIS fighters along the refugees and that hardly tells the truth to the Finnish people even remotely so . They actually falsifies news by de-dramatising the truth as we have reported even Britain's Mr. Cameron to endorse and Lenbanon´s education Minister and that is the out of 100 refugees at least 2 are active ISIS fighters!
Finnish SUPO (secret police ) sis not even once in this article giving the internationally known facts
to the readers but talks about radicals....

2 out of 100 asylum seekers are now ISIS fighters ...see the true FACT here:

Strategic Diplomatic Relations: 2 in every 100 Syrian migrants to EU are ISIS fighters

See the original link here (in Finnish) what the Finnish press tries to hide from the normal Finn when the fact is that 2of 100 asylum seekers are  ISIS fighters Totta vai ei: onko turvapaikanhakijoiden joukossa Isis-terroristeja? 

SDR was told by Kurds and Somalis that there are people speaking with loud voices in Arabic in for instance shopping centers about how her son has died for ISIS. Another fact is that others actively recruit fighters for al-shabaab and ISIS its not something we assume but know for a fact!

We say this much but the rest is know to may intelligence groups all over the world no matter what the Finnish SUPO and the worlds worst intelligence group SÄPO of Sweden tells.

We don't need so much intelligence to see trough the following (screenshot taken from YLE)

Whats the future like ????

Today Saturday 25th in Finland was announced that police will give out tickets to people disturb g the refugees..... But in the same time some normal citizens consisting of Granny´s and children families etc will go and protest the invasion Oct 3rd!

The media on the call to demonstrate (in Finnish)

Mielenosoittajat muodostivat ihmismuurin rajalle Torniossa | Yle Uutiset |

When Politicians like like hell !
A Finnish MP from Lapland has given interview to YLE with the headline
Asylum seekers immediately to work...Really ?
We all know that's its about as realistic as that a cat flies to the moon and it is a sad story to see
Finnish media trampling around with such obvious lies. First of all there are no jobs available secondly SDR´s refugee contacts have told that they ate times have been waiting for jobs 5 years or more while the Finnish Government is faking the statistics by sending unemployable Muslims to schools from where they mostly don't get any jobs. But what mostly serve the politicians as it they don't count the persons under schooling as unemployed.
So when the time comes to show results they naturally look good.

MP Mrs Eeva-Maaria Maijala from Lapland however tells that the refugees can get apprentice agreements while forgetting to tell that these salaries are paid for by the tax payers.

A of SDR friend living in Helsinki told us that his firm has been approached twice by Somalis wanting to have 2 month apprentice places paid for by the state  He also told about one Iraqi Kurd woman who has been applying for the same and as well a Iraqi and a Nigerian man.

Fact is that no one can work on Finland if they don't speak the language and for most to do so takes longer than Swedish or German as its known that Finnish is a very difficult language.

Most foreigners in Finland don't speak a perfect Finnish even after a lifetime.
Its not so hard to understand after you see the following:

SDR knows for instance a Bosnian male who after 15 years now get retirement abroad in neighbouring Sweden without having passed the Finnish test ever..... His wife now also get a pension living in mainly Islamic Göteborg where they told me they like it as its full of Muslims and many other Bosnians ....Their kids are now as well also married in Göteborg and have have been married with other Bosnian Muslims and speak Bosnian at home with their kids.

The kids are now the 3rd generation living mainly on the state expenses as the parents work on and off, but mainly not at all. Is this integration in any way?

This is a true fact on how things develop in real life  and also will continue, unless some politician  takes a step away political consensus ......and looks at things how the really are.


Iraqis on Facebook warn compatriots against coming to Finland | Yle Uutiset |

Strategic Diplomatic Relations: 2 in every 100 Syrian migrants to EU are ISIS fighters

Strategic Diplomatic Relations: EU: Patriotic Finns protest and block a road for Muslim refugees

Sad facts for Finns to see:

Joka kymmenes helsinkiläiskoti saa asumistukea | Yle Uutiset |

HS: Joka kymmenes helsinkiläinen saa toimeentulotukea | Taloussanomat