Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Islamic surprise of the day: IS kills their first westerner in Bangladesh

Police officers stand guard at the site where an Italian charity worker has died after being shot by attackers in Dhaka
The US and Britain have urged their citizens in Bangladesh to be cautious after the killing of an Italian aid worker

Bangladesh police are investigating the murder of an Italian aid worker who was shot on Monday night. 

The Islamic State group "IS" says it carried on the attack, shooting dead Cesare Tavella, 50, in the capital Dhaka's diplomatic quarter. 

Police Commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia said Tavella was jogging when two attackers fired at him from behind. Most media does not say it how it is but lets not be blinded by the politically so-called correct and deny this good man justice. Fact is that the Bangladeshi cowardly killers did speak up on their victims who was alone from behind! One might think there is any honour among Muslims but sadly it once again shows how little honour they actually doe have.

It is said that most honour killings happens when Muslims feel dishonoured and while thinking of this we at SDR did wonder how it comes that people can do this kind of cowardly un-manly attack without dishonouring both IS and Islam? Because fact remains only coward attacks a unarmed man from behind. Lets hope that they did think this action trough as there are more Bangladeshis in Italy than there is Italians in Bangladesh......

The US and UK urged citizens to be cautious, saying they had information Western interests could be targeted. 
They have also restricted the movements of their diplomats.

Media writes it is the first time IS has claimed an attack in Bangladesh, where it has not yet announced any affiliate group or own group yet.  So it might very well be that the killing was made by some sympathisers of the IS cause wishing to promote Islamic jihad against infidel Christians.
In other words Crusade in reverse !
The media seem to forget to mention this each time even if it is literally the exact after that takes place!
And how could it be more confirmed when ....
IS has in some announcement warned that "citizens of the crusader coalition" would not be safe in Muslim nations!

Media should be honest and note this at least so we don't need to read between the lines of Western fear of being called Islamophobeists. 

Police in Dhaka have not commented on the IS claim.
Bangladesh has been struggling to respond to a recent rise in radical Islamist groups writes BBC ...But thats like asking us to believe someone claimed that Christians are trying to contain Christmas celebrations.

BBC writes also that: Extremists (Not calling the religious or Islamic) have carried out a series of high-profile attacks on secular bloggers, hacking to death four bloggers - one a US citizen - so far this year.
One group, Ansarullah Bangla Team, has reportedly threatened to kill secular bloggers and activists outside Bangladesh. 

The group was outlawed in May writes BBC we at SDR wonder by who? 
the U.S State department? EU ?or just locally?

Last week, the Australian cricket team did what all western nations should do and was to delay any planned departure to Bangladesh, after being warned there was a potential security risk. In fact any visit to Islamic nations is risky for westerners even if the media doesn't warn westerners to visit.

The tour has not been rescheduled despite assurances from the Bangladeshi government that the players would have a full security detail.
We how that the west is waking up to the daily empty words by muslim nations to protect westerners. This years Tunisia, and Egypt besides all the westerner raped  women in India who also has the same disrespect for foreigner today as most Arab nations. India used to be safe 10 years back but so was Tunisia and Egypt ...
Its tome for westerners not to live in the past and to trust only what they see.
In other words if someone was stabbed in Turkey yesterday it had won't be any better today.

The world is sadly driven into a religiously driven political clash course rather than a joyful happy multi culture as long as only one group refuses to sleep as they make their own beds.