Monday, 14 September 2015

Safety: Don’t travel to any Islamic Nation!

We hear this time and time again day after day no matter if you are a aid worker or a tourist from any non Islamic nation you will be the likely target for Muslim Racist attackers  who´s only excuse is that they hate you for not being a Muslims.   ( Now that's racism in its purest form no matter what anyone claims.)
The examples are to many and to often but as they are reported like scattered incidents because of so called political correct consensus common westerners fail to see the entire picture. So lets be honest and call it what it is and that's,  a danger for you! Lets not forget the Tunisian attack on the tourists some time ago that the media did have to reporters it had too many killed westerners.

Before writing any further please judge ask what has happened to the millions of Christians of the Middle east ?
They have obviously not arrived to EU or US so we ask where are the lost Millions of Christians ?
This basically explains the sickening politically endorsed silence that takes place now which you can be a part of " if ?"you travel or work or take a holiday anywhere in a Islamic nation....

Recently "Mail One " published news regarding two young girls from London UK.....

Acid attack on British girls in Zanzibar.

North Londoners Kirstie Trup and Katie Gee, both 18 at the time, were left with severe burns after a stranger on a moped threw acid over the two of them in 2013. Normally this sort of attack goes unnoticed and the attacker´s  get away with the deed unless the victims nation pushes for a in this case.

Two suspected terrorists with links to Islamic extremists Boko Haram have appeared in court accused of throwing acid at two British teenage girls holidaying in Zanzibar.  With help from Scotland Yard and Interpol, two members of the Uamsho or ‘Awakening’, group were arrested and charged by local authorities.

Turkish holiday from Hell!

Not many weeks ago the Finnish couple  Jake and Krista went for their first romantic tour abroad without kids.
The place was according to the travel agents safe....
As the couple are first both highly rated atheists both are very fit body builders and needless to say as the both went out the same evening it was not to get drunk but to dance and see life ...Some local men with some Russian ladies told the couple they would know a place where there are no ling lines and one get in fast. So hesitatingly they decided to tag along and to see them self's. They entered the place and had two drinks and asked to pay as the place looked rather boring and had very little going on....

That's when the Turkish Islamic guest friendliness revealed it self with a bill of: 6290 Lira or almost 2000 Euro!
The waiter insisted on the payment with the explanation that the people they had arrived with had been drinking it even if they where seated at another table having nothing to do with Jake and Krista.
All of the sudden Jake who is a very large man was attacked first by a few and then by over ten men together kicking and being him as he held one man....Suddenly he became attacked by knives and was stabbed and not slashed with indicate intent to kill.... But he still kept his ground bleeding while the attackers just got more...

Not one Turkish person stood up to help them !

Krista which is as small as he is large and tall tried to stop some men but got hit in the face and kicked in the back!
The people of the club also tried to rip her cloths off while she and Jake had to fight their way out to the street where they finally got an ambulance.

As they came to the Hospital happy to have travel insurance thee Hospital denied to accept it even after they called
the insurance who told them they don't have to pay... The Turkish Hospital insisted on cash payment in full they however managed to get to another where the insurance was accepted.

They where both examined and both where full of bruises while Jack had been kicked and even beaten in the head with a bottle demanding 5 stitches and all the not so deep knife wounds that would easily have killed any normal non athletic man.
I tried to call the embassy and also media the embassy had a phone answering machine on that require you to press number after number where after they did not pick up ...The media finally reached the person in charge who insisted that no Finnish tourist has been hurt and that Turks love Finns and a lot of other idiotic lies that the situation in it self did prove to to be lies to accommodate Turkish officials instead of caring to serve the truth and listen rather than just tell how things are!

SDR did talk to the victims today Monday 14th and no one has contacted them until now from the Finnish side trying to clear this crime. Quite frankly it looks like the Finnish Ambassador of Turkey likes to  fast forget this matter ,as she seems more concerned about to sponsor Turkeys relation to EU and talks of Islamophobia rather than the health of non Muslims Finns visiting Turkey. (see link below)

Egypt the land where your life isn't worth 
more than the bucks they can earn of you!

Egyptian security forces accidentally kill up to 12 people including several Mexican tourists with the dumb excuse mistaking their convoy for jihadists.  Egyptian security forces mistakenly killed 12 people, including Mexican tourists, while chasing jihadists in the west of the country.
A further 10 people were injured after the four pick-up trucks travelling in convoy were targeted in the desert area of Wahat, which is popular with tourists.
News reports that an investigation has been launched into how and why the tourists entered a banned area, which has also become a favourite hideout for terrorists writes Mail one without asking people who have actually been there and done that ! That's not reporting known facts,as its at best reporting missing facts.

Don't trust a Egyptian tour guide.... 
For local Egyptians to endanger tourists is nothing new we at SDR can prove as my own wife and her sister where asked to dive a depot the red sea blue tunnel  (of death)  in Egypt where one should be an advanced diver with special equipment as there has been very very many fatal diving accidents right there. 

Lucky for me my wife and her sister are not trusting their lives that easy. As we found out later too many lives have been lost just because no one does anything about it in Egypt.

After all they do earn a few bucks and so nothing is reported...But out of hatred towards Jews they anytime dedicate as much time as they can telling the world officially how the Israeli Mossad train sharks to bite tourists to injure their tourism. Lets agree its not the Israelis but the Egyptians them self's who injure Tourists for being to greedy to care. 

The Islamic development isn't going forward but rather back wards and instead of schooling people most Islamic nations depend on only one book for all occasions be it laws behaviour or developing society...  So also when we talk about slavery ..... Muslims like ISIS now take any westerner or non Muslim they can and declare him or her a slave with can be killed raped and or sold further after raping the victim. In most cases this goes on like there was no tomorrow and your western politician can with most certainty not tell you any facts about this as they don't care and neither does the media.  Proof that they don't care is that the latest ISIS magazine online is spreading freely even if kit has has two so called slaves on offer for anyone with a phone number as seen here below. 

For all our safety, what does the UN and our politicians do? 

So far there has not been any collected data basis on killings of westerners in Islamic nations as it is seen as racist even if the mostly Christian Westerners are the victims.
For the sake of families and friends it should be recommended to close all relief campaigns as long as Christians are killed wounded and raped and as well sold as slaves.

Did you know that while the EU with Mrs Mogherini and US with VP Kerry and president Obama are negotiating with lavish dinner receptions and travels from one fine even to another to give nuclear power to Iran.  The same nation (Iran) holds US and other citizens jailed under terrible conditions.
It would not be even a big matter to ask the Iranians to let these prisoners go as US constantly talks of Chinese human rights abuses without any problem.

These Americans turned prisoners right now 2015 include:
- Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, 
- U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati, 
- pastor Saeed Abedini 
- former FBI agent Robert Levinson.