Wednesday, 30 September 2015

See he Reality:Muslim Mob including Arab Mothers Terrifies Jewish Children in Old City of Jerusalem

This is what muslims Mothers and fathers do to Jewish Children right now in Jerusalem

(this video was taken by a Arab and posted on YouTube...What sadistic glory is this?)

In what has become common practice in the Holy City of Jerusalem on the path leading to the Kotel (Western Wall), a gang of Muslims assaulted a religious Jewish family as seen here on the picture and below in a video.
The sight of this terrified child fearing for his life is very painful, but necessary to watch, for everyone who want to see the fact about how Muslim Mothers treat Jewish children.
One might think that a mother tis a Mother but thats hardly the case we see here!

Please do not mistake it for Holocaust imagery. 

This event is current. And this sickening deed the just by chance was captured on video took place  in Jerusalem on Tuesday. During the very important Jewish religious Festival of Sukkot.
What happened had nothing to do with an Arab protest against the “occupation.” It was pure anti-Semitism.

Initial source by: United with Israel