Friday, 18 September 2015

US allay Saudi Arabia denies appeal for Juvenile prisoner who faces 'death by crucifixion'

To us at SDR it does not matter what makes someone do crimes against humanity its all the same as there should not be any reason we can accept for such!

The US president invited Saudi Arabians to US the leaders are all Wahhabi religious fanatics who's human rights record can be compared to: Saddam Hussein or Idi Amin etc…Why is US president not ashamed ?  Does he really think the normal people of US and elsewhere don’t notice the his friends have not any higher human rights standard than the ISIS fanatics who burn prisoners alive and chop off arms and legs!

The young prisoner in Saudi Arabia, who was sentenced to death as a child, now faces "death by crucifixion" after a final appeal has been dismissed.  Ali Mohammed al-Nimr was arrested on 14 February 2012 when he was just 17, during a crackdown on anti-government protests in the Shiite province of Qatif. 

He was accused by the authorities of participation in illegal protests and of firearms offences, despite there being no evidence to justify the latter charge.  Just imagine: Ali was initially held at a juvenile offenders facility, where he was denied access to lawyers! And strong evidence indicates that he was tortured and forced to sign a document which was tantamount to a confession. 

The signed document formed the basis of the case against him and he was convicted of the alleged offences by the Specialised Criminal Court (SCC). 

However, the trials failed to meet international standards. Ali and his family have strongly denied the charges against him, but, after the final appeal, which was held in secret and without Ali's knowledge - was dismissed, there are few legal options remaining to oppose the sentence originally handed down on 27 May 2014. It is feared that Ali could be executed in a matter of days.

The case against Ali appears to be based on his familial connection to Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a 53-year old critic of the Saudi regime and a prominent religious leader in the Kingdom, who is his uncle. 
The uncle: Mr Al Nimr was sentenced to death by crucifixion on charges including 'insulting the King' and delivering religious sermons that 'disrupt national unity'. This week, it emerged that the authorities plan to execute Ali's uncle on Thursday (17 September) sparking fears that his nephew will also be killed.

Little heard of Human rights organization “Reprieve” has urged the European Union to intervene with Saudi Arabia to prevent the killings. 
Commenting on the inhumane and unjust sentence, Maya Foa, Director of the death penalty team at legal charity Reprieve said: "No one should have to go through the ordeal Ali has suffered, torture, forced 'confession,' and an unfair, secret trial process, resulting in a sentence of death by 'crucifixion.' 
But worse still, Ali was a vulnerable child when he was arrested and this ordeal began. 

His execution, based apparently on the authorities' dislike for his uncle, and his involvement in anti-government protests , would violate international law and the most basic standards of decency. 
It must be stopped."

Ali is just one of a number of young protesters including Dawoud Hussain al-Marhoon, who have been sentenced to death following involvement in anti-government protests. In January 2015, prominent Saudi blogger Raif Al-Badawi received the first of 1000 lashes as part of his sentence for his statements criticising the Saudi regime in 2012.  In a post to the NGO's website Foa added: "Saudi Arabia's wave of executions since the start of this year has provoked widespread disgust.  But these killings, if they are allowed to go ahead, will mark a new low."  Despite global condemnation, the Saudi Government has continued to carry out executions at a high rate since King Salman came to power in January 2015. 

On May 6th 2015, the Kingdom carried out its 79th execution of the year, and it is already close to surpassing its 2014 total of 87 executions. The Saudi government maintains all cases are tried in accordance with Sharia law, and with strict fair trial standards observed.  according to Amnesty International Saudi Arabia has one of the highest execution rates in the world, with only China and Iran carrying out more judicial killings.  A Facebook page has been created to rally support in protest at the death sentence on Ali Mohammed al-Nimr.

This should make you wonder why Saudi Arabia is still a U.S. ally when a fact is that  Saudi Arabia not only is racist but also segregates gender in the open as well as sentences rape victims and people re eve sentenced of witchcraft!

Here the death penalty in Saudi Arabia: Facts and Figures

Saudi Arabia remains one of the most prolific executioners in the world.
It is among the top three executioners worldwide, surpassed only by China and Iran, in Amnesty International’s latest global death penalty report.
At least 2,208 people executed between January 1985 and June 2015.  102 people executed between January and June 2015.  90 people executed in whole of 2014.  48.5% of people executed between January 1985 and June 2015 - 1,072 people - were foreign nationals, who make up around 33% of Saudi Arabia’s population of approximately 30 million.  Executions for drug related offences rose from just 4% in 2010 and 2011 to 28% in 2012 and 32% in 2013. By 2014 and June 2015 the percentage had risen to 47%.  This means almost half of executions in 2014 and until June 2015 are for non-lethal crimes.

Beheadings are the most common execution method in Saudi Arabia, but some executions also carried out by firing squad.  Public executions typically take place in the public square of a town or city.  The death penalty in Saudi Arabia is used in violation of international human rights law and standards. Trials in capital cases are often held in secret and defendants are routinely denied access to lawyers. People may be convicted solely on the basis of “confessions” obtained under torture, other ill-treatment or deception.

Non-lethal crimes including “adultery”, armed robbery, “apostasy”, drug-related offences, rape, “witchcraft” and “sorcery” are punishable by death.  The majority of executions for non-lethal crimes in Saudi Arabia are for drug related offences which are not mandatorily punishable by death according to the authorities’ interpretation of Islamic Shari’a law.

Alleged juvenile offenders are executed in blatant violation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  ISIS has similar laws as Saudi Arabia while the US President has a good time together like nothing ever has happened! The following picture is not very old and (Sept 5th 2015) The picture speaks for it self and the US silence!

Quite frankly the punishments of ISIS that US has declared war on reminds very much of what as well is the punishments in Saudi Arabia!  Ask your self why that is and why US president Barack Hussein Obama accuses one of brutality and not the other.

See the similarity between the two Islamic fanatics here: