Saturday, 24 October 2015

12 minutes of time with Ambassador ret.Yoram Ettinger

The following is time and more specifically 2 videos each 6 minutes and a few seconds each..
by Ambassador ret, Yoram Ettinger.
The matters he introduce here are of vital importance for anyone wishing to know the ultimate truth
on matters that the media at times have avoided to face...
Yoram etting is not just any diplomat but a rare diplomat who has represented Israel in the United Sates of America during historically most important times.
Ambassador  ret. Ettinger has been part of many initiatives and been a part of the endemic bilateral food chain of two nations seeking  solution to the peace in the Middle East.
Its not many who we can say this of.

The following two videos are the beginning of what we at SDR call reality checks from the holy land.
the following is a intellectual tour into the horizon ....

Enjoy the experience!

Yoram Ettinger - The Two Way Street Mutually Beneficial US-Israel Ties

The Jewish-Arab Demographic Balance  No Demographic Time Bomb!

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