Sunday, 4 October 2015

A Palestinian terrorist killed two Israeli men and injured a woman and a toddler while a onlooker drinks a coke

Reuters write: 
On Saturday, another Palestinian stabbed to death an off-duty 
Israeli soldier walking with his wife and children and a rabbi who rushed to their aid, 
on a street near Judaism's Western Wall, police said.

Israeli police fatally shot the assailant, later claimed by Palestinian militant 
group Islamic Jihad as a member writes Reuters.


See the terrible footage of the attack here and don't 
miss the Arab drinking his coke while he just listens 
to the heart-tearing screens of victims.......................

Many might have noticed that reuters write the word militant.
Really Reuters ? 

Fact is that the word militant relates to army and military and has nothing
in common with a civilian killing person killing the first best person he hates….
Its at best a religious killing or racist killing to us at SDR.

A militant would wear some sort of insignia or uniform. 

A terrorist is someone who hides and randomly hurts or kills people just to spread
terror. …

The men who attacked the twin towers where not militias according to 
the US media. So why all of the sudden is the media lying int our faces 
so bluntly?

SDR will call it as it is: Terrorism and its not any whatever militant anything. 
A militant is what we see when ISI members are wearing some sort of 
uniforms and mostly large insignia and large flags.
Now thats a militia.

Please see the following Shocking original footage!
Its a rather blurry footage but one can clearly see a man running towards another 
man and stab him while one hears his terrified screaming….

The terrible outcome:  Two men killed and a woman and toddler injured and 
one can clearly see the Palestinian merchants looking on while having a coke… 

SDR asks you what person can stand and have a coke at such a moment ?
The answer is rather self evident.

SDR wishes to thank our co-worker Jack X in Israel for the video.

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Reuters calls the terrorist a militant see it here: