Thursday, 29 October 2015

Are there no real journalists in the entire country of South Africa?

South Africa´s ANC Party meet with Hamas saying nothing while Hamas Leader Call for Terrorist Attacks !

Really ? ANC welcomes Islamist Hamas in South Africa

Hamas political chief Khaled Mashaal told a government-endorsed rally in South Africa on Wednesday that the wave of stabbing attacks against Israelis would continue. And non of the South African media or Government officials did react in any way regarding this call for violence against civilians !

Referring to the terror attacks as “the Jerusalem intifada,” Mashaal told a crowd of several hundred supporters waving Hamas’s white-and-green flag in Cape Town that “the uprisings shall continue until freedom is achieved and the land is for Palestine and its people.”

He compared the Palestinian cause to the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa.
“South Africa, you have achieved your freedom, the people of Palestine are aspiring to attain their freedom,” he said.

“Do not expect that they should stop with the uprising, do not expect that they should stop with the resistance.”

The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem has expressed “shock and outrage” at South Africa’s hosting of the terror group’s leaders, and on Monday summoned South Africa’s deputy ambassador “for a reprimand,” ministry spokesperson Emmanuel Nahshon said.

The ANC’s invitation to Hamas “provided a tailwind for terrorism and blatantly and crudely ignored the position of the international community, which considers Hamas a terror organization,” Nahshon fumed.

The Hamas delegation, which also included Mashaal’s deputy Moussa Abu Marzouk, was welcomed at the airport Monday by the ANC’s deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte, according to a senior ANC official.

“It is to demonstrate that the African National Congress is willing to talk to all people who are positive in terms of their attainment of self-determination and nationhood in Palestine,” the official told SABC News.

Mantashe, the ANC secretary-general, said Monday that his party has signed a “letter of intent” with Hamas. “We have an intention of building a long-lasting relationship,” he said at a press conference with Mashaal, calling the delegation’s visit “very important.”

Some South African media outlets covered the rally, but none noticed anything improper in Meshal’s speech.

News24 reported it this way:
Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal received a massive welcome as he walked on to the stage at a rally being held for him and his delegation in Cape Town on Tuesday.
People rushed to the aisle, protected by bodyguards, to try and touch him as he bounded up the steps of the Darul Islamic Campus in Greenhaven east of Cape Town.
He smiled through a salt and pepper beard and waved back at people in the the packed hall.
The content of the speech was not mentioned.
Voice of the Cape Radio only briefly mentioned his speech but said nothing about his support for the current wave of knifing attacks against Jews.

The crowd chanted praises to God and free Palestine as the delegation entered while the nasheed group of Darul Islam, the venue where the talk is being hosted, performed nasheed songs.

The hall resounded with cheer when Hamas leader Khalid Meshaal addressed them to call for an end to the occupation of Palestine.

“You (South Africans) have attained your freedom and liberation, the people of Palestine are aspiring to attain their freedom and liberation,” Meshaal told the crowd of supporters.

After the rally people said that the address by Khalid Meshaal was inspiring.
Reza Sayed, a student said that it was very inspiring to see that the speech was not against any entity, it was against the occupiers and not just a Jewish state.
Gabiba Khan from Women Who Care said that she was humbled to be in the same room with “these kinds of people, these kind of leaders” when referring to Khalid Meshaal and other attendees from the delegation whom addressed the crowd in Cape Town.

Cape Times also quoted Meshal but ignored his terror calls!

Speaking to loud applause, Khalid said SA’s humanity could not be found anywhere else in the world.
“I admire Zuma’s bold and courageous heart to host us.
“Because of Israel, the international community knows us (only) as terrorists.
“Thanks for allowing us this rare opportunity to tell of our years of struggle against Zionist Israel,” he said.  Mishal said they were pinning their hopes on the ANC to help free the occupied Palestinian territories. “Your struggle has inspired us to achieve our freedom. We were inspired when you liberated your country. Although we are still subjected to the inhumane brutality of Israel we still believe that one day we will be free.”

SDR: To draw a parallel between the former South African Apartheid State and Israel is truly sick as the only ones who are racist are Hamas own who currently have no Jews or  Christians serving. While the Israel currently have both Muslim and Christians serving in the Armed forces and Government !
So to hear this sort of speech if one is not reminded of the facts can give a very twisted view of actual reality.

When Khaled Mashaal arrived accompanied by the ANC’s provincial chairman Marius Fransman and an executive member of the ANC David Mahlobo, a fully packed school hall reverberated with chants of “free, free Palestine. Free Al-Aqsa”....

Back to reality...
Quite frankly most of the ones sheering would not have any clue that Al Aqsa and Jerusalem would be in the hands of Hama then the mostly Christian listeners would not be given the same rights as Muslims to worship as Muslims. This is a fact and can been seen all over the ME and the Gulf where Christians are not allowed to openly practice their religion! This while there is little restriction for Christians and Muslims in todays Israel!